Dog Finds The Fluffiest Dogs In Daycare And Decided to Nap On Them

By. Anuradha

No one can be more demanding than kids and dogs. Whenever you are around, they need your full attention. They need you to play with them, be with them all the time and yeah, maybe we can include girlfriends in this category too. However, we are not going to talk about kids or your partners. This is about a very smart dog who is clever enough to find fluffy dogs in Daycare not because she likes fluffy ones but only because she can nap on them!

Edna, the little star of our story has been attending Day-care center since she was very young. Her owner was a busy lady but she also wanted to give Edna a good time. So, since her young days, Edna has been living at this Daycare center. She was excited to be there with other dog friends and her day always started with running all around and playing with all the pups. However, after these initial exercises, she was generally much exhausted and her next big task was to find a comfy place to have a nap and recharge her batteries. Now, you may think that this is not a tough job but when you are surrounded by so many other big doggies who usually nap from the beginning of the day, you cannot truly have a good spot. By the time Edna finishes her running around, all the good spots were taken by others.

As Edna was smart, she never gave up. Instead of fighting for a comfy place, she started napping on fluffy dogs who were more comfortable than anything.

Speaking to Dodo, Brianne Gottfried, one of Edna’s humans told that “All the dogs seem to enjoy the snuggling company. Even the tiny wiener dogs. When it’s time to go home, I always have to peel off of another dog”

When Edna was very small it was not hard for her to sleep on someone else. But even now that she has got bigger, she still tries to do the same. However, the best thing is that almost all her friends also seem to enjoy her company and therefore, together with her friends Edna is having a good time at the Daycare center.

So, scroll down to see some of Edna’s pictures and maybe you can also try sleeping on your chubby friend!

Image Credit & More Info: Brianna Gottfried

#1. Who has a better pillow?

#2. It’s so comfy!

#3. The tail is the new place to be!

#4. With my best friend!

#5. I found the best place to nap!

#6. Go away, this place is mine!

#7. Don’t’ shout! He is sleeping!

#8. The browny pillow.

#9. We are so sleepy!

#10. It’s so warm here!

#11. Don’t disturb me!

#12. The velvet pillow.

#13. Keep calm and close your eyes!

#14. The sleepy baby.