Dog Befriended The Butterflies In His Owner’s Garden

Milo, the retriever belongs to Jen Bennett, a resident of Los Angeles, California. One of Jen’s interests includes raising monarch butterflies in her garden. She noticed that her Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever had developed a beautiful bond with the butterflies that visit her garden. Jen then began to capture heartwarming images of Milo’s interactions with the vibrant creatures and it didn’t take long for Milo to become an Instagram sensation.

Apparently, the doggo is very gentle with the butterflies and checks on them every single morning. Jen decided to buy Milo two years back because her other Nova Scotia duck-tolling retriever left this world. The two dogs are even related because Jen’s previous dog’s father is Milo’s grandfather. Jen was immediately drawn to Milo because he was the smallest and smartest pup out of his litter.

Jen adores monarch butterflies and thought of raising them after observing that their numbers were declining rapidly. She then releases the caterpillars after they transform into butterflies. Two years ago there was large butterfly migration in the area and Jen’s garden was filled with millions of butterflies. “There were thousands. You would drive your car down the street and you couldn’t help but hit a butterfly,” conveyed Jen.

It was also apparent that Milo was fascinated by these creatures. The gentle giant would sit and stare at all the gorgeous butterflies that visited the garden. Milo loves to sniff the butterflies as well as stare at them. His interest in these colorful beauties gave Jen the idea of capturing images and sharing them on Instagram.

People instantly fell in love with how the doggo bonded with the butterflies and Milo’s number of followers increased within such a short period of time.

The dog is a natural poser, so it is easy for Jen to photograph him. Milo also loves to pose with the caterpillars before they transition into butterflies. Jen uses fun accessories such as flower crowns that add to the beauty of the photographs.

Image Credit & More Info; milo_the_toller/Instagram |