Diver Meets A Friendly Seal Who Gets Playful With Him

By. Mahesh

People who dive are the type of people who are fascinated about the world and all the different species who live there. After all, traveling down beneath the sea exposes you to a great many rare wildlife and flora that you typically don’t see on dry land. In rare cases, fortunate divers may even encounter sea critters that are quite amazing. That was the case with the diver about whom you are about to read. We are fortunate that this diver had a camera to document this incredible relationship with his pal for us!

Gary Grayson is a diver who went through paths with the Artic Grey Seal and a cameraman who was diving on the Scilly Islands. Their encounter had been captured by the camera, melting hearts throughout the time. At the beginning of the film, as Gary goes as close as possible to the diver, you can see the seal getting a good look at the diver. You can see the pleasure on the face of the seal, he’s really pleased with the new friend. Once they met, the seal revealed to Gary, what it wanted him to do.

Gary obliges to the request of the seal. He began exactly as a dog owner would stroke their pet’s belly. The excitement on the face of the seal is obvious, clearly, Gary has hit the sweet spot! After a little belly rubbing, it seems that the seal is getting somewhat sleepy from the belly massage but snaps when the rubbing stops.

The seal puts the palm of Gary in his mouth and bites lightly. The two go back to looking at one another until he gets a nice taste of the rubber diving glove. It’s like they connect without a word, simply by the means of a touch.
It’s surprising to see a seal being this friendly with a human regardless of the fact, that they nearly went extinct as hunters prey on them for their meat, leather-like skin, and oil. Watching this clip made me really want to go scuba diving.

Video Credit & More Info; youtube