Cyclist Finds Abandoned Puppies — And Carries Them To Safety In His Shirt

By. Piumi

Some simple acts of kindness can change someone’s life forever. One such story that has the capability of brightening one’s day and melts even the stoniest of hearts is that of Thyago Costa Silva.

Thyago Costa Silva is a Brazilian professional cyclist. He spends most of his days speeding through twisting and turning roads, toughing it out through the harshest of weathers, and putting his career before himself.

Thyago has seen his fair share of sights as he would drive through the roughest of trails but nothing would prepare him for the sight he would see that month.

As per usual, Thyago and his friend made their way down the roads of Brazil, enjoying the beautiful scenes and smelling the crisp, fresh air when he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

In a small, fist-shaped hole in the middle of nowhere were five puppies. They were varied shapes of brown with innocent eyes, black snouts, and small paws. But what struck Thyago the most was how fragile they appeared.

As though they were pieces of cotton, the puppies were quickly yet carefully lifted from the hole and fed some water which they drank.

Thyago knew that he could not leave the puppies to fend for themselves so the two friends made the easy decision of taking them back home with them. The question was how would they accomplish that.

The five puppies were distributed amongst the two friends. They unzipped their attire and placed them on their chest and slowly zipped to ensure the support of the puppies and took them to safety.

Back at home, Thyago nursed the five puppies and within no time, they were able to gain their strength back and grew up to be five beautiful puppies. The next step was to make sure that they were placed in their forever homes.

After a strenuous search, Thyago managed to find each puppy a safe home where he was sure that they would be loved.

Thyago saved not only the life of one puppy but the lives of five.

Image Credit & More Info; Thyago Costa Silva/instagram