Crocheted Child Baby “Yoda” Amigurumi That You Can Make Yourself

By. Ran

The first appearance of baby Yoda in “The Mandalorian” series on Disney+ got the internet buzzing like a busy beehive. We all fell in love with the character instantly, and we have not been able to stop picturing the adorable baby Yoda ever since!

This crochet artist decided to take her love for baby Yoda a step further. Allison Hoffman turned to her favorite craft and made an adorable Child Baby Amigurumi doll that’s incredibly accurate and overwhelmingly adorable!

Image Credit & More Info: instagram

Allison is a self-taught crochet artist. She taught herself crocheting back in 2007 using YouTube tutorials and got so good at it, she started publishing her first patterns of The Gabba Gabba Dolls in March 2008. And now this is her full-time job. She says she probably spends a lot of time crocheting but as long as it brings her happiness, there is nothing to worry about. She is a published author as well, her first book was released back in 2013.

Most of the dolls made by Allison are 12″ tall and it usually takes around 10 hours to create one. You can actually purchase her pattern and make a Child Baby Amigurumi like this as well! If you are considering getting into crocheting, her advice is to start out by following some simple YouTube tutorials. She herself has some free patterns that are perfect for beginners. The most important thing is to just get started! And once you have started, you will be just fine!

Don’t you think that this is something amazing? Don’t you feel like crocheting will be a great hobby to take up on?

The next time I have some time to spare, I will watch all these YouTube tutorials on how to go about crocheting and I’ll teach myself how to crochet. And then I’m going to make an adorable baby Yoda for myself!