Cristiano Ronaldo Is Searching For The McDonald’s Women Who Fed Him When He Was A Hungry Child

By. Anuradha

Some people are not born rich but they work their way towards success. Cristiano Ronaldo is someone like that who has now won the heart of almost everyone around the world. He grew up like a hungry child on the Portuguese island of Madeira. Those days, it was hard for him even to find foods and a woman named Edna and two other kind-hearted ladies from McDonald’s fed him. Ronaldo was so much touched with this kindness and the good-hearted football player has not still forgotten about them. now he is looking for them to pay back for their kindness and in a recent interview with Pierce Morgan, he talked about it.

We were a little hungry. We have a McDonald’s next to the stadium, we knocked on the door and asked if they had any burgers. There was always Edna and two other girls. I never found them again,” Ronaldo said.

“I asked people in Portugal, they closed the McDonalds, but if this interview can help find them, I would be so happy,” the football star said. “I want to invite them to Turin or Lisbon to come to have dinner with me because I want to give something back.”

 Morgan also, later on, tweeted that they “We may have found Edna.”

Ronaldo’s father died back in 2004 and he was shown a clip of his father in the interview. The football star was so much moved by that and he ended up getting tears in his eyes.

Ronaldo does not have a fairy-tale childhood, but his humbleness clearly shows he has grown up with good principles. This undoubtfully is the kind of people we need more in this world. We wish him all the very best and we wish he would be able to find those kind ladies.

Ronaldo opened up about his childhood in an interview.

He wanted to find ladies from McDonald’s who fed him when he was hungry.

Ronaldo was also shown a video of his father.

He couldn’t stop crying.

You can watch the interview here.