Cats Never Get Tired Of Trolling Humans And These Photos Will Prove It

By. Thilini

70% of cats’ life is spent on sleeping. And the rest? Well, the rest of it they spend trolling humans!
Scroll down to find out the hilarious ways they use to make fun of humans!

#1. “My boyfriend is watching my cat. He put the TV on and turned around to find this…” (tmklsh / reddit)

#2. Meant for babies you say? (Homonomore / reddit)

#3. “My daughter bought the cat a new hat. He’s so excited.”. (samgam74 / reddit)

#4. “Asked him to pose for his first birthday portrait.”. (myghostfellout / reddit)

#5. “Yep, everything seems normal.”. (justrainthoughts / reddit)

#6. He couldn’t breathe while asleep. So he installed a camera. (Climatechange17 / reddit)

#7. “I kept wondering why the grass was flat.” (InkyPaws / reddit)

#8. “After 150 ‘Missing’ fliers and countless tears, Dolores is finally back home, safe and sound.” (Gengar_pl / reddit)

#9. “Bought some Halloween decor at a thrift store and now I can’t find my cat.” (Tacobella593 / reddit)

#10. “My cat occasionally visits our neighbors. Today she came back with a little snack.” (Knoxpat / reddit)

#11. Anything for me in here? (sewgrrly / reddit)

#12. “My mom and aunt made some chocolate caramels the other night. Apparently my aunt’s cat wanted to add some artistic flair.” (vieve3 / reddit)

#13. When you meow back. (vieve3 / reddit)

#14. This cat snuck into her owners’ luggage to later be found by airport security. (Nick Coole / Facebook)

#15 Have you ever seen a spider cat? (Flimingow / Reddit)