16 Ridiculous Cats Who Don’t Understand The Meaning Of Personal Space

By. Anuradha

Cats are another type of creatures after all! They act like they are the bosses, the ones who have absolute control and power and if you are a cat owner, you would know all these things better than me for sure.

There can be days when they live with an ‘attitude’ ignoring your cuddles. Some days, they can be the total opposite of this and would hang around you almost all the time even invading your privacy. However, the worst thing is when they invite all their cat friends to a party at your home! Suddenly, when you come home after a heavy day you might see all the cats in the neighborhood having a board meeting on your front porch and that would not be a nice sight at all!

So, having a cat at home is like living with a sweet manipulator but of course, we cannot forget loveliness as well. They are adorable despite their sweet torture and having a cat around you would always make you feel like you are loved and appreciated. These fluffy balls can make your day a thousand times better and knowing that your cat loves you just as you love the little buddy would make you smile at any time.

We thought of sharing some pictures of cute balls with their owners and these pictures will make you laugh for sure. We all know that cats have no clue about privacy and these pictures are the best evidence to prove it!

#1. Scratch me, please.

#2. So long as the cat’s happy.

#3. You are doing it, wrong mommy!

#4. We need to talk – face to face.

#5. Let me help you.

#6. Work my slave, work.

#7. Let me read too.

#8. I am only keeping his arms warm.

#9. Look at me!

#10. Don’t ignore me!!!

#11. No, not the screen again! Be with me!

#12. We are not disturbing.

#13. The best place for a car ride.

#14. My new hat.

#15. We have no personal space.

#16. Let me breathe for you.