A Cat Sneaks Into A Zoo And Became Best Friends With A Eurasian Lynx’s

By. Anuradha

Even though it says birds of a feather flock together, friendships become more adorable and colourful even when friends are different from each other. You need not like the same things your friend does or think in the same way that he/she does to become their best friend. All that matters in a true friendship is the way how you perceive each other and when you have the right mind to accept both the good and bad things in your friend, your friendship will cherish for generations.

We got to know about a friendship of that nature between two unlikely friends. Even though lynxes and cats both belong to the cat family, we know that they are very different from each other. One is usually considered innocent while the other is ferocious in nature.

Image Credit & More Info: ignoramusky | lifewithcats.tv

However, there is a pair of best buddies consisting of a lynx and a cat at St. Petersburg zoo who are very much inseparable from each other since the first day they met. When this Russian cat sneaked into the St. Petersburg zoo, its only intention was to find some food or we assume so! But then, he met this lynx who looked like a bigger version of him and the two immediately began to like each other. The cat started treating the lynx as if she was another mother and many officers at the zoo were amazed by this unlikely friendship.

Last year the zoo officially adopted this cat and now they are living together in a place allocated for themselves. Many people who visit the zoo always make sure to visit them as this friendship among the cat and lynx is something that is not very common. So, if you also happen to visit this zoo make sure to say hi to these buddies as they show how beautiful friendships can be when they are free of prejudices and biases.

All of us can be friends with each other as long as we are concerned about each other and we do hope that you too find a best buddy for lifetime!