Cat Mom Adopts Orphaned Litter Of Puppies And Raises Them As Her Own

By. Supuni

Kathryn, the orange tabby, was found living in an empty rental apartment. The new tenants discovered the cat mom a little too late and were unfortunately not able to save her newborn babies. The humans then called the Langebaan Animal Care in South Africa. Afterward, the orange tabby was adopted by Izelle Marallich, the chairperson of Langebaan Animal Care. Kathryn was longing for a family of her own and needed the love that she lost along with her kittens.

The tabby wasn’t even afraid of Izelle’s foster dogs. She went right ahead and rubbed her body against each and every one of them. But even the love Kathryn was receiving from her foster family wasn’t enough for her to forget the past. There were times when she would mourn and cry looking for her lost babies. Fortunately, all this changed after an orphaned litter of puppies arrived at Izelle’s house. The orange tabby instantly bonded with the pups.

She called out to them when they were hungry and even tried to comfort the pups by licking them. Even though the puppies were confused at first and moved away from her, she never gave up on grooming them. Eventually, they gave in to her licking and allowed her to lay down with them. Kathryn never left their side. The pups got used to her company and even began nursing. This made the tabby feel complete again.

Her restlessness and crying stopped as she slept with them day and night. Kathryn was even willing to eat the puppy food that her humans gave the pups. The pups were happy and Kathryn was also happy. All of Kathryn’s time was dedicated to caring for her adopted puppies. She became an overprotective mother who gets restless when the pups wander off away from her. Izelle also admits that she has never seen such a loving and dedicated mother.

The puppies have all found their forever homes and left their loving adoptive mother. Kathryn is now taking care of two orphaned kittens who were found in a field. With the love and support they receive from the orange tabby, the kittens now have a chance at life. Although many people are interested in adopting Kathryn, Izelle is not giving her up because the cat continues to be a caring and loving mother to orphaned animals. Izelle feels immensely lucky to have come across such an amazing cat.

Image Credit & More Info; langebaan_animal_care/instagram | facebook | H/T; thedodo