Baby Stoat Has Found A Trampoline And Had The Time Of His Life

By. Supuni

Robert Fuller decided to build a jungle gym in his yard, and this jungle gym included a trampoline. When he made this decision he did not realize that it would be a source of entertainment for not just humans but animals as well. This Wildlife artist lives in Thixendale, North Yorkshire. Robert’s yard is visited by so many wild animals such as owls, hedgehogs, foxes, badgers, and even a family of stoats.

Generally, the stoats keep to themselves and do not spend much time out in the open. However, these playful animals found the trampoline to be captivating and couldn’t help playing on it. Robert first noticed a stoat enjoying the trampoline back in 2015. Amidst the snow, he had followed the creature’s paw prints that led all the way to the trampoline, and there were paw prints on the trampoline as well.

Afterward, Robert fixed up over 80 remote cameras within his garden, hoping to keep tabs on the lives of these shy animals. Finally, he was able to capture footage of the stoats jumping up and down his trampoline. They were bouncing on the trampoline and having so much fun. The jungle gym was like a playground for the baby stoats.

These animals appeared to like the texture of the material the trampoline was made out of and used it for stretching and bouncy play-fights. The trampoline is not only used for playing but also acts as a training ground for the baby stoats to practice skills that are essential for their survival as adults. The climbing frame has been helpful to practice their hunting skills and also to play their own version of hide-and-seek.

Now the stoats own the jungle gym and even share it sometimes with badgers, owls, and other wild animals. Robert does not mind this one bit and is glad that he created the perfect playground for his animal buddies. Don’t forget to have a look at the video footage of the stoats having fun on the trampoline for it is sure to put a smile on your face.

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