Baby Elephant Rushes Into River To Save Her Favorite Person From ‘Drowning’

By. Mahesh

Animals are more human, and we can learn a lot from them than from fellow human beings. We recently found a video of a baby elephant trying to help a man he believed drowned, and this clip shows what we have just said.

Elephants are clever with a strong sense of family bonding and are generally intelligent beings. Therefore, a flock of elephants will never leave a member of the family behind. An elephant mother is willing to go to any length to defend her offspring.

Every day, even though human beings are unkind to animals, this baby elephant video trying to save a person from being swallowed by swift water may actually provide people with a lesson. The now-famous video shows an elephant herd wandering along a river as a man suddenly appears in the video that seems to be having a swim in the water. One of the newborn elephants thinks that the man is drowning and goes to save him. The dad tries to take his young elephant away but afterward realizes his motive, although at first, he was frightened. The baby elephant then approaches quite sweetly to protect the man from the water, and you hear the man utter thanks to the elephant. The man then takes a leg of the elephant while the elephant pours water out from the trunk. The baby does not see how drenched he was getting in the water. He does not care that the level of water at a depth in the river reaches its head. A person was in danger and the baby elephant raced to save the man.

Video: This video which is the topic today has been published by a Twitter user, with the caption “My heart. The baby elephant assumed that the man is drowning and raced to save him. We really do not deserve them.” We could not have told it better ourselves.

Although, there is more to the story than what it looks like.

The occurrence happened in the Chian Mai in Thailand, where the Foundation of Save Elephant operates. Kham Lha is the name of the newborn elephant and Darrick Thomson is the name of the man. Darrick is the co-founder of the charity and holds a unique link with Kham Lha.

Darrick actually called Kham Lha when he was swimming, and she thought that they were crying for help. When Darrick holds his trunk, Kham Lha likes it. In 2015, Darrick has helped his mother, Bai Teoy to rescue Kham Lha. After a long time, he had spent with Kham Lha, repairing gently her mental wounds, Derrick is now regarded as a herd member.

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Image/Video Credit & More Info: elephantnaturepark | youtube