Australia Is The Land Of ‘Nope’, And Here Are 21 Animal Pictures Proving It

Australia is famous for its adorable koalas and handsome kangaroos. However, it is also home to dangerous animals that would surely give you panic attacks. One look at these images and you are sure to think about canceling your ticket to Australia. No wonder some people refer to Australia as the Land of Nope.

#1. This giant bat is sure to shock you to the core. (Kristy Garbutt)

#2. Lizards in Australia are surely above average size. (markeso)

#3. Would you believe that this is one of the least dangerous spiders in Australia? (PineappleDildo)

#4. No way I’m touching this. (RobStanley)

#5. This kangaroo has definitely not missed a single gym day. (Gumbyskangaroosanctuary)

#6. Australia is certainly a perfect place to produce a horror film. (robdedog89)

#7. Ordinary incidents in Australia be like. (fancyfire)

#8. The spiders have overtaken nature. (mad66)

#9. Now this an effective way of ensuring that the electricity meter doesn’t get read. (dedokta)

#10. These toads were definitely drunk. (MrMeMock)

#11. Slugs in Australia are apparently hot pink. (Don_Bonnigan)

#12. Look who decided to go shopping. (unknown)

#13. A moment of silence for those who thought the line of hairy caterpillars was a rope. (RedViper27)

#14. Let me fill up the fuel tank some other time. (Lugozi)

#15. Dangerous yet beautiful. (Horrorwolfe)

#16. Hope it’s not too late to turn around. (imgur)

#17. Just a roadside ditch in Australia. (HocusPenis)

#18. No, this is not a design. (Meanwhile In Australia)

#19. Highly venomous, yet adorable. (estacado)

#20. Australia is a place where insects are the size of a small mammal. (imgur)

#21. Let’s spend the day indoors. (OrionoftheGlade)