Artist Pushes Embroidery To Its Limits, Making It Looks Like Paint

By. Ran

Here we are introducing you to the Russian embroidery Artist Vera Shimunia. Her dreamy and miniature nature landscapes are truly amazing and the best news is, her work is becoming more and more interesting! With a growing Instagram follower count of over 250k people, there is no doubt that she is becoming a new sensation!

The talented artist is self-learned and inspired by love, like most of the artists. “I just decided to try. And when I made my first embroidered piece the boy I liked (he has great taste and he is in the art community) wrote to me: ‘you did this?? So cool’ and I decided to continue,” Shimunia told us.

Image Credit & More Info: Instagram | Etsy

What she does did not happen overnight. In fact, it took her about half a year to bring her amazing work to the public eye. “I started to publish my embroidery experiments on Instagram and people started to write to me, ‘can I buy it?’ And I thought – why not.”

So scroll down to see some of her work. These pictures will leave you wanting for more!

Each piece transports you to a fairy tale world full of love and fantasy. With vibrant blues, whimsical pinks, and deep purples, she created an amazing world of nature and music.

Her work features intricate details and she says that depending on the intricacy and the detail that goes into the work, it takes her anywhere from three days to a month to finish one piece. “I am thinking about future embroidery, I am preparing the necessary materials “Sometimes the picture in my head does not coincide with what I made, then I cut off threads and try again.”

More importantly, her work has not stayed stagnant all this time. As you can see from her feed, her work has been subjected to change over the time and the evolution of her work is amazing! Her enchanting needlepoint can be seen displayed over complimentary backdrops, enhancing and adding to the already eye-popping visuals.

Her work is truly amazing! She takes the classical embroidery and turns it to something truly eye-catching. She really took it up a notch.