Meet The African Rain Frogs – The World’s Grumpiest Frog 

Don’t get me wrong, these frogs are not actually grumpy or sad. This is just what they look like. Meet the African Rain frog, the grumpy-looking little black fella!

These frogs are native to the Southern coast of Africa and they can be found at elevations of over 3,300ft. they are known to burrow to create tunnels that go up to 6 inches deep. And do you know why this is impressive? Because of the size of these frogs! In fact, they don’t grow more than 2 inches in size. And isn’t it amazing that these tiny creatures can create such big tunnels?

Image Credit: Delport Botma | facebook

As burrowing species who inhabit forest fringes, they don’t require to be in the vicinity of water bodies to survive. And this grumpy-looking frog can puff up and adopt a more aggressive stance when threatened.

Image Credit: 22sect

And they puff up often while burrowing because the larger size would mean that whatever is in the way will struggle to pull it out of its hole.

Image Credit: Delport Botma | facebook

In the mating season, the female discharges a sticky substance to keep the male from falling off its back. It is called adhesive amplexus. And the female literally refuses to let her mate go. If that is not loyalty, I don’t know what is!

Image Credit: Delport Botma | facebook

After the female lays the eggs, it is the duty of the male to stay in the burrow and guard the eggs until the little chirps come out.

Image Credit: Delport Botma | facebook

If you look close enough, they actually look kind of cute!

The mother nature is truly amazing.