9 Signs That Says Your Relationship Is One-Sided

By. Ran

Relationships are hard. They require a lot of work, commitment, and compromises. And sadly, in many relationships, there is only one party that carries all this weight. And they are the ones who end up getting hurt at the end.

A one-sided relationship is where only one of the partners cares about the relationship and the future of it while the other makes little or no effort to show their love and willingness to sustain the relationship.

If it is you who is doing all the work to keep your relationship alive, and if your partner makes no effort to do so, it means that your relationship is one-sided. And being in such a relationship has a lot of negative impacts on your life. It is not worth your time, and it surrounds you with negative energy.

So here are 9 telltale signs that will help you understand if your relationship is one-sided.

#1. You don’t feel free to share your feelings with them.

When you are together, you always try to filter what you say. You don’t feel at ease with sharing what you feel. If something bad happened at work, you probably will not share it with your partner. On the other hand, however, they tell you stuff and you always listen attentively, you offer them a shoulder to cry on always.

#2. You’re constantly overthinking their moves.

You can’t figure out why they do certain things. The mutual understanding between the two of you is now gone and you cannot understand their moves. They seem too challenging to understand. And you overthink and come up with a thousand explanations why they are doing certain things.

#3. You’re always arranging your plans around them.

You are always canceling meetings and rescheduling your plans so that you can accommodate their plan. You always think if they would have time and try to arrange your life accordingly. And sadly, this is never the other way around. They never change their plans so that it is easier for you.

#4. You feel your relationship is falling apart.

You feel deeply insecure about your relationship. You feel like your relationship is falling apart. It is as if they can end what you have in a blink of an eye.

#5. You’re always apologizing.

Whenever something happens, your partner twists things around and makes it look like it was your fault. Even if you did nothing wrong, it is you who is always apologizing. Even when it is their fault, you end up apologizing.

#6. A more serious phase in your relationship seems impossible.

Your relationship seems stagnant. It looks like moving forward is impossible whenever you are trying to take a step further, it looks like you need more clarity and a solid ground.

#7. You don’t want to leave because of all the effort you’ve put in.

It looks like you cannot simply leave after all the effort you have put in. you feel like if you leave, all the things you did for the sake of the relationship will be in vain. Leaving no longer seems like an option, or at least that is what your partner makes you believe.

#8. This relationship is draining your energy.

It is you who is doing all the work and it is eating up all your energy. When you’re willing to give everything you have and everything you are to your partner, they often use this generosity of yours to their advantage.

#9. You’re doing all the work.

You are the one making all the compromises, you are the one making all the commitments. You are the one giving everything and even more to keep your relationship going, and your partner does nothing.