9 Reasons Why Aunts Are Really Special And Important

By: Anuradha

Kids are always surrounded by their loved ones. Parents, grandparents, friends and all other closely related people play a particular role in the growth and the development of the kids. But, the role played by aunts is special as they are not as strict as parents, not too sweet as grandparents and neither playful as friends. They give an extraordinary kind of love to their nieces and nephews and that is why aunts are really special in the growth of the kids. They can positively influence in the life of a child and kids are always happier with a loving and caring aunt. Here are 9 reasons which make aunties’ role in their nieces’ and nephews’ lives so special and important.

1. Aunts might give a different view on life.

Aunts never try to treat kids in the same way their parents do as their role and relationship towards the kids is different from that of parents. They will help the kid to look at issues in a whole different way as their perspective about life is not the same as that of a responsible parent. So, aunts can be best advisors for kids as they are mostly open-minded than others.

2. Never miss an anniversary.

Aunts are those special people who will do anything to make their nieces and nephews happy. They will never forget birthdays, graduation parties or anything and they will always surprise the little ones with expensive and useful gifts.

3. They won’t miss a chance to hang out with the kids.

Aunts are not busy and too strict as parents. They know how to enjoy life and they will try their best to make the kids happy. Aunts will take kids to different places like museums, concerts, and festivals and the best thing about them is that they hardly say ‘Don’t’. 

4. Aunties are always ready to give love and affection.

Aunts always love to fill the kids with loads of love and affection. Cuddling the nieces and nephews and spoiling them a bit is one of their hobbies and this affectionate nature of aunts create a huge impact on kid’s lives too.

5. Aunts would listen to the problems that children can’t share with their parents.

No matter how great our parents are, we always have certain things that we do not like to share with them. sometimes, in our moments of distress aunts will be the best people to take advice from as we can talk and discuss anything with them. The best thing is that they are good at keeping secrets and kids need not worry about that too.

6. Aunts teach values.

Unlike parents, it is easy for aunts to teach values to kids. When parents try to teach something to kids, they naturally take it as an order and try to disobey that. But, aunts are more like friends and therefore, it is easy for them to mingle with kids and teach them good values. Kids will also listen to aunts and thus, aunt play an important role in the growth of the kids.

7. Aunts love taking care of the children.

Aunts love to spend time with the little ones. They like to have fun and mischief and children feel more at ease around aunts.

8. Aunts stay kind even when the children are wrong.

Aunts are not that strict as parents. They try to understand kids more than parents do and when they see the faults in kids, they will try to analyze the issue rather than getting mad at the kids. They will talk, listen and will help the children to get out of the problems rather than punishing them or making them feel bad.

9. Aunts are happy to have more nephews and nieces.

Aunts love to surround themselves with nieces and nephews. No matter how much they already have, they will feel so great when new ones born. Aunts will love to be with these children and they will make kid’s lives happier, funnier and lovelier!