6 Reasons Why Divorce Is Much Better Than An Unhealthy Marriage

By. Anuradha

When we fall in love with someone and when that love drives you to a marriage, you would think that you are the happiest person on earth. However, one thing that most couples experience after their marriage is that things are not the same anymore. Even though it is easy to fall in love, it is not quite easy to stay in love and when you both are compelled to share your lives under one roof after the marriage, you would see that this is not the person that you fell in love with.

So, many marriages end up in a divorce. However, some people rather stay in an unhappy marriage than going for a divorce because they consider divorce as a bad thing. They worry too much about social stigma and stay in their unhealthy marriages forever.

So, we thought of sharing some reasons why you should go for a divorce than staying in an unhappy marriage.

#1. You will have the chance to meet your true love.

When you are married, you are not expected to have relationships with other people and of course, that sort of option would create so many disasters. But, when you are divorced and when you have the liberty to act according to your will, you can give the chance to somebody else and maybe you would be lucky enough to find the right person. So, if you feel that your marriage is not working out, then be brave and go for a divorce. What matters is how much you love yourself and how you wanted to be treated. So, let someone who truly deserves you come to your world and then you would know how a happy marriage would feel like.

#2. You will be able to focus all of your energy on your personal growth.

A bad marriage will stop you from pursuing the things you love. You would no longer care about your physical or mental growth, you would no longer go out with your friends and would not even like to do the things you loved earlier. The emotional and physical trauma that you experience, will drain the vibrancy of your life and you would start living for the sake of living. So, before this happens take the right decision. When you feel that your marriage is not working out, step away from that person and try to build yourself.

#3. You will finally feel free.

Your marriage gives the chance for your partner to control you. He/she would decide the color that you wear, the things that you eat and the people that you meet. So, you have the chance to become a puppet under your spouse’s control. But when you are divorced, you will no longer need to obey any command given by others and you would finally be able to breathe freely. Even though you lost your spouse, you have gained your freedom, happiness, and laughter and that is important than any other thing.

#4. The children will be happier too.

Many people stay in an unhealthy marriage just for the sake of their children. They believe that even though they can’t stand each other, kids need both their parents and therefore, never even think of a divorce. But, it is so much better for your kids to see both of you living happily in separate places rather than hearing you shout at each other every night. Your fights can also create traumas and forbears within kids’ minds and therefore, if you feel that your marriage is in a bad state, go for a divorce and that would be the best for kids as well.

#5. You will prioritize your health.

When you are divorced and when you have the liberty to work on yourself, you can finally allocate time for your physical wellbeing. You might have ignored gym and healthy foods so far, but now you can make decisions for yourself and you can prioritize your health now. You can start following a healthy diet and allocating time for workouts. No one would stop you from doing anything and that is why you should decide to pursue freedom.

#6. You will pay more attention to the way you look.

Many married people completely forget their looks after marriage. They are too comfortable with each other, so they no longer bother about how they dress or how their hair looks. However, after a divorce, you would realize that you ignored your appearance and you would start giving some time to your physical outlook. This will not only boost your confidence but will also make you happy and wonderful.