5 Reasons Everyone Needs An Aries In Their Life

By: Anuradha 

“Aries will never let you face your problems alone. They will always be right there to protect you”

Aries comes as the first sign of the zodiac system and there are many reasons why you should have an Aries in your life. These people who are born into Aries have unique personalities and you will hardly find people who are passionate and they will make fantastic friends. Here are a few reasons why you must have an Aries in your life!

1. An Aries is always fun and passionate.

These people who are born to the sign of Aries have tons of energy stored within them. they are like fire and you will find them to be really passionate and vibrant. They know how to enjoy life and when you are surrounded by Aries, you will often find yourself being happy and cool.

  • Aries can often be a little childlike. This may be because they are the first zodiac sign.
  • They are generally positive thinkers.
  • they love seeing the good in the world.
  • they can be so optimistic.
  • they like to have fun almost all the time in their lives.

So, if you are looking for someone who can lighten up your life with laughter and fun, then no one will ever be better than an Aries. They don’t mind breaking rules or getting into troubles and the best thing about them is that they never live through the eyes of the others. They do what they like to do and live the life that they want.

Irene S Levine Ph.D. states that friends commonly build each other’s self-confidence and Aries will be a hell of a friend to have as they will always make you feel inspired and courageous.

So, you can do anything that you like with them as they are not judgemental and life would be much easier when there is an Aries nearby you.

2. An Aries is brutally honest.

It is not really easy to be with friends as many of them never show their true self to us. But Aries is different than most of them as they are brutally honest. You never have to wonder whether he/she is angry with you, has a crush on you or hate you as they will directly say what they feel and you need not waste time on second-guessing.

  • They are direct and straightforward.
  • if you have done something to bother them, they will directly let you know that.
  • if they genuinely think that you are a great person, they will tell that.
  • you feel always feel secure in their presence as they don’t have hidden intentions.
  • they are the best person to go for when you need an advice or opinion.
  • if they think that you are doing something wrong, they will never hesitate to tell that to you.
  • if they think that you are being ridiculous, they will tell that.

You can always count on Aries as they are not the type to cheat someone and have some occasional pleasure. They will tell things as they really are and even when things are not good for you, they will stand with you and help you to get over from things.

They hardly tolerate other people’s bullshit and when you are around them, you will also learn to resent the pretentious behaviors of people.

3. An Aries is strong-willed.

When Aries has set eyes on something, they will do anything to achieve it. You will find people like them very rarely as no one else can be courageous and determined like them. Nothing will stop them from reaching what they want and they will always fight till the end. 

  • they will never give up, even when the fight is unbearably tough.
  • they will always find the motivation to succeed.
  • they are fantastic motivators.
  • they will never give up on themselves or on the ones that they love.
  • they know that they can achieve their dreams only through hard works and a big effort.
  • they are willing to try new avenues.
  • they will never take ‘no’ for an answer.

The people are so strongly determined so that they never try to back down even when the pressure is too high. That means, even when you have some sort of an issue, they will always stand with you and will make your life a better one.

4. An Aries is adventurous and spontaneous.

Aries always love to take challenges and try new things. They are so spontaneous so that you will never know what is coming next with them and that is what makes it funnier and more enjoyable too.

A research published in the Journal of Marketing Research also says that planning activities in advance take all the fun out the actual activity and therefore when you are with an Aries, you will always feel so high and great.

  • They will always be excited to try new things.
  • with them, you will always find new avenues to try different things that you would have never come across without them.
  • being with them can always live your mood up.
  • they will push you out of your comfort zone.
  • they will always help you to overcome your nervousness.
  • you will enjoy every single second with them for certain.

You will learn to live your life to the fullest with an Aries and you will turn into a whole different version of yourself when you are with them.

5. An Aries is loyal.

Aries can be called as best secret keeper as they are extremely loyal and honest.

  • they will never tear you down just to make themselves look better.
  • they will speak highly of you to others.
  • they will always defend your good name and will keep you out of trouble.
  • they will always fight for you no matter how hard things can get.

So, make haste and try to make an Aries a friend of yours as they will take your life to a different level for sure.