21+ Wonderful Parents Took Raising Children To Additional Level

By: Anuradha

Parenting can be a nightmare for many. Particularly young parents who do not have previous experiences struggle a lot with their first child and this can be tormenting for both parents and the kids. You will try your best to protect your child and keep him/her safe while that can actually be a way where you hinder the free growth of the child.

Also, if you ever give a wrong piece of example or say an untoward word in front of your kid, he/she will quickly catch it will follow that immediately. So, when you are a parent you literally have to go back to your own childhood and work as a big child with your small one. 

However, despite all the difficulties all parents want to give their kid the best childhood. They give the kid everything and try to please the little one and all this love and affection the kid receive at this age will surely determine his future to a great extent. So, the more you are smart and clever with your kid, the smarter and cleverer your kid will be and that is why we thought o sharing some useful tips with you about giving your child some extra protection.

These parents mentioned below have used some creative and clever means to protect the kid from dangers as well as to make them happy and if you are a parent, then all these would be useful to you a lot as well!

#1. Creative Hack. (anniemccarren)

#2. The best way to teach your kid the multiplication table effortlessly. (1ItalianLurker)

#3. The best way to identify twins.

#4. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bathtub. Create a baby pool in the shower cabin. (fjordlilie)

#5. BBQ dad hack. (ladbabyofficial)

#6. Car seat hack that will keep the child safe. (mommy hacks official)

#7. I took a rectangular shape Tupperware and we made snow blocks for an Igloo. My boys loved it. (michelle_ssb1)

#8. It is true that we tell our daughter not to run into the parking lot but she never listens. I bought this car magnet and it has been a miracle worker. She tries to keep her hand on the colors while waiting for mom and will try so hard to match her fingers to the Magnets. (raleigh scare)

#9. My child was busy for 30 minutes playing with these window stickers on the plane. It’s easy to pack, fun for them and inexpensive too! (teachermama1138)

#10. Warp up diapers in a potty chair. It would be clean and no mess at all. (ahavenofchaos.com)

#11. When you take your strollers inside, put shower caps on the wheels to stop bringing the dirt inside.

#12. A new invention by dad. (malleeman)

#13. A carpet for your kids to play with toy cars. (tmccrum_mua)

#14. Write out all planned dosages on the bottle before starting to give meds. When each one is given, mark it off. That would make your life much easier. (alanacvalentine)

#15. Keep your baby in front of the washing machine for a new world of entertainment.

#16. Little things like felt balls or colorful pasta into a muffin pan improve patience. (texaflora)

#17. If your kid doesn’t want apples, cut them like this and make them believe its French fries. (puravida_veganmama)

#18. Don’t stop eating when your kid is sleeping. (jankity_j)

#19. An easy way to spot them in the crowd. (brandi.marie.e)

#20. Use a bottle nipper for medicine dispenser. (raddestmom.com)

#21. Use pool noodles as bumpers if you have a kid with a walker. (roswellc)    

#22. Parenting Done Right.

#23. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bathtub. Create a baby pool in the shower cabin. (The Goonberry Tales)