21+ Vintage Photos Of Old-School Parenting

By: Anuradha

The world is changing in every single second. New trends, new innovations are daily introduced to the market and we all have become faithful followers of these new ways and means. All our lives are connected with smart devices that we use and you might not really be able to spend two or three hours without your smartphone!

However, lives were much different before all these new techy kinds of stuff were invented. Parents did not have the internet to find easy solutions to their problems or they did not have mobile games to keep their kids occupied with. most of the times, they spent time outdoors and kids had all the freedom in the world to explore the surrounding around them and play with anything that they want.

Even parents were okay in giving enough freedom to kids as they believed outdoor lessons would teach their kids a lot than what they can teach them through books. So, now when you hear how your parents spent their childhood, you would feel it be totally insane and perhaps, you might not even believe those stories that they are telling.

However, we could find some pictures of the old school that will surely give you goosebumps. These pictures are a realistic portrayal of society a few decades ago and hope you would enjoy all these! Please share your ideas about these pictures with us.

1. Me Back In 1991 Just Your Typical Aussie Kid Drinking Xxxxlight Beer(I Wasn’t Aloud Heavies Back Then) And Holding A Baby Crocodile. (truthcrusade)

2. My Mother And Grandmother Demonstrating Safety Standards In 1960. (thisisanendtable)

3. If Your Mom Didn’t Lay On The Ground Making Herself Into A Ramp For Your New BMX, Did She Even Love You? 1980’s. (therealabv)

4. California Marijuana Initiative Rally 1972. That’s Me In The Box And My Parents In The Picture. (19blackdog72)

5. My Dad And His Veterinarian Mother, With Their Pet Lion Which They Raised For Two Years, 1959. (ryanb99)

6. Princess Yvonne And Prince Alexander In Germany, 1955. (Photo Tractatus)

7. A Couple Ice Skating With Their Baby, 1937. (Gar1986)

8. Infant Me, My Mother & Father At A Bar Because That’s How Parents Rolled In The Early ’80s. (areyoufknserious)

9. The Pinnacle Of Parenting: 1930s Swimming Lesson. (cheml0vin)

10. Car Seat Safety In 1958. Not Strapped Into Anything, These Seats Relied On The Mother To Put Her Arm Out And Stop The Baby From Falling Forward. (claire303)

11. My Mother-In-Law Riding A Bear At 2 Years Old. (Homebrew-Joe)

12.  My Dad Showing Off His Parenting Skills 1985. (imakethenews)

13. Harley With A Baby Seat, 1962. (Bob Sandberg)

14. A Photo Of Me Dressed Up As My Dad, With My Dad (1982). (fuuuuuckendoobs)

15. My Hilarious Father (With The Magazine) And My Grandfather, Grandmother, And Uncle At His Bar Mitzvah In 1972. (JasonPlatz)

16. My Mom In The Hospital After Giving Birth To My Sister. Canada 1978. Smokes And Roasted Chicken. (rookdanger)

17. Me, 1958, Relaxing After My Bath With Toby, I Was Never Again This Cool. (ickeyray54)

18. Back In The Day. The 1950s To Be Exact. Check out That Car Seat. (iworkondishwashers)

19. My Mom Showing Off Her Parenting Skills 1978. (thedumone)

20. 13 Y/O Dad Having A Taste While The Grownups Are Busy Playing Cards; Upstate New York, August 1954. (stevierayfrog)

21. My Father And His Pet Lion Priscilla, California 1970’s. (spencehord)

22. My Adorable (4-Year-Old) Mother At A Zoo In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 1970. (youngbarrister)

23. Just A Photo Of Yours Truly (At 11 Years) Petting A Full Grown Tiger. My Mom Calls It Her “Bad Parenting Moment. (reesmeister)