21 Utterly Unique Historical Photographs You’ve Never Seen Before

By: Anuradha

All the things that happened in history were never recorded in books. All history textbooks that we learned in schools and that we found in book stores have captured mostly the significant things done by ancient rulers, things which changed the destiny of a whole nation and even though all these details are quite fascinating, there is a lot that we miss.

For instances, while you learned that ancient pyramids of Egypt were built by Pharaoh kings, you would never have listened to the stories of thousands of slaves who spent days and nights to build them. You would have seen the pictures of former American presidents addressing gatherings, but you would have missed the details about the lives of common people at the time. Without much investigations, we tend to read only what is shown to us as history, but the best is hidden in the glory of these highlighted facts.

So, we thoughts of presenting you some unique historical photographs that would show you the reality of most common happenings. They would show you how the ordinary people were treated by society, the customs, and the traditions at the time and there is no doubt that they would be absolutely fascinating.

So, scroll down to see some glimpses from history and don’t forget to share your views about them with us!

#1. You would not have any chance of taking her attention even if you are Mick Jagger when your opponent is Alain Delon. (gettyimages.com)

#2. Salvador Dali walking his pet anteater, 1969. (noticiastln)

#3. Osama bin Laden on vacation with his family, Sweden, 1970. (viralfhd)

#4. The fashion for has, New York, 1939. (noticiastln)

#5. Alfred Hitchcock playing with his grandchildren, 1960. (viralfhd)

#6. Princeton University students after a snowball fight, 1893. (es.paperblog)

#7. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg playing with water pistols, Sri Lanka, 1983. (viralfhd)

#8. A one-hundred-and-six-year-old American woman defends her house, 1990. (randomrocker)

#9. A five-megabyte hard drive is shipped by IBM, 1956. (viralfhd)

#10. French women who have been accused of having affairs with German soldiers are stripped down to their underwear, some with heads shaved, as part of their public humiliation, 1944. (imgur)

#11. Flooding in Paris, 1924. (noticiastln)

#12. Nikola Tesla in his laboratory. (diddlybop)

#13. Ernest Hemingway after one of his parties. (bublink)

#14. Women protest against the forced wearing of the hijab in Iran after the Islamic revolution, 1979. (foroloco)

#15. The last photo of the Titanic before it sank, 1912. (puls-planeta)

#16. Audrey Hepburn shopping with her pet Fawn, Beverly Hills, 1958. (puls-planeta)

#17. Dior models walking the streets of Moscow, 1956. (felbert.livejournal)

#18. A Frenchman gives light to Winston Churchill, 1944. (fishki.net)

#19. A smoking break during the construction of the RCA building, 1932. (diddlybop)

#20. Coca-Cola arrives in France, 1950. (puls-planeta)

#21. The seal on the doors of the tomb of Tutankhamen, 1922. It had remained intact for an incredible 3,245 years. (viralfhd)

Preview photo credit: imgur