21 People Who Said They Didn’t Want The Cats

By: Anuradha

Some people love cats while others do not or to be precise, that’s how we think the world functions. In the same way, as some people love dogs while others do not, we think this theory is applicable for cats as well. but, no matter how much you are against cats and say that you hate them, it is not easy to escape away from cats’ charm and many people who have hated them initially, have ended up loving them even more than they love fellow humans.

But to be honest, I think these fellows should be excused as it is not easy not to fall in love with these furry creatures. Theirs sift little paws, with tender touch and longing look will make you forget the whole world for sure and the best thing about cats is that they live with dignity. They won’t disturb you or be a nut when you are extremely busy and that also shows how much intelligent they are too.

So, if you are a cat owner, trust me you are really lucky because your cat friend will never leave you or break your trust. He/she will stay with you all the time and will beautify your life in an amazing way.

Scroll down to see the pictures of some people who thought that they ate cats, but end up loving them and don’t forget to tag the friends who underwent the same situation!

#1. No, I don’t want to hold a kitten. (meet_the_dean)

#2. Our cat loves only our dad who hates her. (zestyequinox)

#3. My dad who hates cats, build bunk beds for my babies. (herinitialsspellher)

#4. This is my boyfriend who said he hates cats. (kalsie)

#5. When my boyfriend proves he doesn’t like cats. (vloss)

#6. Guess whose cat she is! (emilyjobot)

#7. My dad swears he hates cats. (SennaWales Report)

#8. When you need to make an exception for not being a cat person. (TheSociableHermit)

#9. My dad never wanted to have a cat. (ricktameno)

#10. My girlfriend never wanted to have a cat and this is her now. (Bladamir)

#11. He said “I’m more of a dog’s person” (speedycat2014)

#12. The inseparable couple. (Spinnak3r)

#13. He is not a cat person at all. (Chokeberry)

#14. When you need to take her home even when you don’t love her. (PrincessGolfWang)

#15. My dad said he doesn’t like cats. (The_Wash)

#16. When my boyfriend has replaced by the place with his cat. (livthedragon)

#17. We never wanted to have cats. (HawaiianCam)

#18. He would swear that he is not a cat person. (clobbersaurus)

#19. This cat surely wants my dad. (jeremy33x)

#20. My friend who hates cats. (SlothsinSpace)

#21. Me with my family. (Quleki)