21 Majestic Maine Coon Cats That Will Show You Who’s the Boss

By: Anuradha

There are so many people out there who are madly in love with cats. They love these furry creatures more than anything and one common saying of all cat lovers is that ‘their cats are the boss of their home’. They might seem funny but that is literally true because when you are a cat owner you have to decide most of the things based on what your cat likes and what it doesn’t. You will have to take your cat when you move our for vacation, you have to think about its food and you may even decide your holiday location based on the fact that whether it is a cat-friendly environment or not. 

However, if you think that your cat is a boss, then we will show you the big boss of every cat. Yeah, we are likes and Maine Coon, the biggest domestic cat breed ever. They are so huge for vacation and it will not be easy to grow one of them in your home. But, for holiday location and determinant cat lover, this species will be the right choice or not will give you everything that a cat lover needs. From its magnificent an huge sight, it will be the center of attention when you walk out and here we have some wonderful pictures of some of them, which you will likely to enjoy a lot if you are a fan of these kings. So, have a look!

1. In case you didn’t know how huge Maine Coons were… – milkyway_scientists

2. They are serious too. – stinkylinkydingdong / imgur

3. They are loved by their owners. –Alphatek666 / reddit

4. Kids love them too! –xcarmMlemLord / imgur

5. This cat will surely question who really runs the house! lotus_the_mainecoon

6. They are too strict sometimes. –robert_sijka

7. It’s watching you! –Yolodolo / imgur

8. Keep everything under control too! –TheHeroOfTwilight / imgur

9. Cooking process supervisor –lotus_the_mainecoon

10. Little boss Kitty in charge. – TheFutureIsScary / imgur

11. Their owners definitely have a thing for caring for them. – youneverknowwhatyouregoingtoget / imgur

12. We are not completely sure if the cats love it too – panonhunters_panoncoon

13. They probably don’t. – mojo_coons

14. Normal cat sleeping VS Maine Coon sleeping. – ProximaC / reddit

15. What, do you need something? – seraphilth / tumblr

16. Just see how stunning they are! – mainecoonqueens

17. They are absolutely magnificent. – mainecoon_manolitto_ike

18. Full of grace in any case. – iamemmao / tumblr

19. Elegantly resting from its busy day. – trinesigurdson

20. We need a housing boss like this forever! – lotus_the_mainecoon

21. Don’t you? – weeniehutjunior69 / imgur

Preview photo credit – imgur, xcarmMlemLord / youneverknowwhatyouregoingtoget