21 Hilarious Photos Of Irish Wolfhounds – It’s Crazy How Large They Are

By: Anuradha

The bond between dogs and their human lovers is something that is really amazing. When you are in love with a dog, you will forget your human friends, you will postpone your works and they will be your priority and your love. They would be closer to you than anyone else and they will know your pains and sufferings more than any other human beings.

Irish Wolfhounds are one famous animal breed that is loved by many dog lovers and they got their name because of wolf hunting with dogs. Many myths about these breeds are famous all around the world and particularly, in Irish literature, Irish laws and in many legends inside the country, you can hear so many beautiful and mysterious stories about them.

These dogs are absolutely magnificent and according to World Canine Federation standards, their desired height is 32 inches (81 cm)- 34 inches (86 cm). They are really huge and people who are not familiar with them, often get frightened by their sight. However, they are really adorable and here we have compiled a list of some of their adorable pictures that you would like to look at!

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1. Our anti-burglar system. (majodian)

2. 17n days after my mom passed from Ovarian cancer, her old Irish Wolfhound followed in Tow to be with her.(Kaldea)

3. My dog’s facial expression when I didn’t turn towards the dog park. (TJNel)

4. I guess I’ll sleep over here. (jsep)

5. Owner and her dog dressed like Wayne’s world characters for Halloween. (katebanaszak)

6. These two. (wolfgang2242)

7. Janine fell apart. We put these pieces in this chair. (mexi_coke)

8. My grandma and her Irish Wolfhound from 1974. (Rin)

9. Dachshunds for balance. (Unknown)

10. Our new whippet puppy sitting with his friend, an Irish Wolfhound puppy. (danmfc1)

11. That’s a gorgeous Trio right here. (ToniJabroni)

12. Hunter of wolves. Needs teddy to feel safe. (thewolfiechronicles)

13. The tallest Boi.(HocusPenis)

14. What a big mouth you have. (storyofohno)

15. Is it comfy?(Unknown)

16. He didn’t know what to do. (50NosAndAYesMeansYes)

17. Brody The Irish Wolfhound (Baby For Scale) (kitkatscuba)

18. He has eaten breakfast, romped around in the rain and played with his toys. Now it’s time to rest up until afternoon playtime. (deadmuleranch)

19. Irish wolfhound loves peanut butter. (snixon67)

20. Still a lap dog. (Unknown)

21. It sounds like a thunder storm outside.(justsomeinspiration)