21 Fascinating Images Show How We All Hold Our Own Perspective On Life

By: Anuradha 

Life doesn’t treat everyone in the same way or to be exact that is what most of us think. Our perspective on the things that are happening around us always condition the way that we accept things and therefore, the way that we look at things is really important. However, each person’s view is unique from one another and you will see this clearly if you observe how two people narrate the same story. Its never the same and that is because each of us looks at things in ways which are different from one another.

However, if someone is capable of putting themselves in someone else’s shoes and adjusting to the situation, then life would be much easier for that one as he is capable of analyzing things in multiple ways. So, below are some images which show you how different perspectives create different end results and by sharing this with you we hope that you would reconsider many of the decisions that you make and will try to analyze them in diverse perspectives before putting them into action.

1. In this picture, we see that both the people are happy to found each other as they both need help. But, none of them knows that they both are in the same boat and each of them has different perspectives about the same situation. (University of Washington)

2. Everyone would not see the positive side of the things around us. While one prisoner restricted himself to the grilled windows, the other one has looked beyond that and has created pleasant imagery. (Facebook)

3. It is always good to look at things from someone else’s perspective before doing anything. for that sometimes you might even need to put things upside down and change your perspective in a completely different way. (The Cartoons of forest Taber)

4. We can either sulk, whine and complain how bad life is or try to create a new meaning to our life by trying something totally new. The only thing is you have to be courageous and act differently. (Facebook)

5. Ivan Pavlov, the famous scientist once did an experiment to condition dogs to salivate each time they heard a bell. What if the dog thought that he is also doing an experiment on Pavlov? Everything can have multiple points of views. (Fulcrum people)

6. Each of us can decide our own life. There is nothing like this is correct or this is wrong. Everything depends on our perspective. Something that is right for one person might be wrong to the other. So, we need to respect each individual decision. (Facebook)

7. Life isn’t all about money even though we need money to survive. A more enlightened mind will always guide you to do better things than money will ever do. (Facebook)

8. Both these people are right in their perspectives as they both face different situations. So, a common statement cannot describe the fate of everyone. (Miss club)

9. Based on the side you are at your answer will be different but the funny thing is that neither can be wrong or correct. (Genalice)

10. Most of us try to move away from the unpleasant truths as we do not have the ability to deal with them comforting lies are always comfortable but life would be much better if we dare to accept the truths. (Facebook)

11. We are often get lost in the packs of millions. But if we change the way we think, we can, of course, stand apart from others and form our own identity. (Facebook)

12. Nothing can be 100% accurate. Everything depends on the ways that we perceive them. (Pinterest)

13. It is not easy to understand each person’s view. But, if you really need to understand what someone else is going through, then try to look at things from that person’s view and you would be able to have a better understanding. (istock)

14. We do not want to be super rich to be happy. It is all about how we accept things and look at them. (Facebook)

15. Six people would say six different things about the same thing and that is why we say every perspective is different from one another. (Quora)

16. Change the way that you deal with things and you can change the entire situation. (Pinterest)

17. Because of modern way of life, parents are busy earning living and kids are often left alone in a world that tries to make prey out of them. (Facebook)

18. It is true that money can buy you happiness, but if you are busy earning money, then ultimately you will be left with the choice of buying a false smile. So, concentrate on the priorities of your life and try not to regret the decisions that you make at some point in your life. (Facebook)

19. Smaller computers, bigger people. Well, this one shows how much we addicted to the technology while we forget about our health. (Facebook)

20. Holiday pictures before and after smartphones. Isn’t it sad if this is how you spend your holidays with your family? (DanielZarz4)

21. This is the saddest thing I feel with some of my dear friends. I don’t wanna just text you I wanna hear the voice to feel the connection. (Endless Origami)