21 Beautiful Cats With the Craziest Fur Markings

By: Anuradha

There can hardly be any soul who is not enchanted by the cat’s charms. They are absolutely cute, so lovely and the best thing is that they will never be annoying. They are the creatures who are born to love people and make them happy. So, if you are a cat lover there can be many things which you truly adore in your cat and among all those reasons, one can be their fur markings.

Every cat has a unique fur pattern on their coat and solid-color cats can develop their marks when they grow up. We found some cats with exceptionally unique fur patterns which will surely make you wonder whether they were photoshopped. Some of these patterns are really weird and funny and we can assure you that you will die out of laughter. They look so weird but too lovely and hope this would be the best article for all cat lovers.

So, scroll down to see some crazy markings on cat’s coats and don’t worry if your cat doesn’t have one like these. Every cat is unique in their own ways and maybe your cat has something special that you didn’t notice before!

#1. Release the bat signal. (battousaiyngwie)

#2. Animals find many ways to say ‘I love you’. (gutollyr)

#3. If they ever remake Harry Potter with an all-feline cast, here is the star. (TheThingInTheCorner)

#4. A goofy smile just lightens up everyone’s mood. (Cowley)

#5. Within every cat beats the heart of a warrior. (MouthSpray)

#6. Who needs 2 cats for the price of one? (tatuya01)

#7. The raccoons are starting to suspect there is a spy among them. (TheOriginalSamBell)

#8. If his tail is straight, it’s an exclamation point. When he bends it, it’s a lowercase ‘j’. (slayrgerl)

#9. He is number one! (kramlite)

#10. The hidden dinosaur. (TVK777)

#11. His second pair of eyes look more like cat eyes than his original ones! (wtdarn)

#12. With this sword at his side, this will be the perfect cat ever! (maisiedaise)

#13. Cats love teaching the world about continents. (geofferoni)

#14. The bearded cat. (coiso97)

#15. Time to flex those pecs! (alidotcom)

#16. The best way to teach cats about shapes. (HOW_I_MET_YO_MAMA)

#17. Charlie Chaplin is going to make a comeback. (smeaglecat)

#18. The girlish cat. (CoachFrontbutt)

#19. The cute Christmas tree. (Unknown)

#20. This is not a sleeping panda, it’s a cat’s butt. (Kbouds)

#21. The Zorro sidekick. (Disco_Jones)