18 Ingenious Ideas to Reuse Plastic Bottles

By: Anuradha

Environmental pollution has become a subject of heated controversy these days. You would see so many people talking about this issue, many awareness posts are being shared on social sites and many campaigns are being conducted by several societies to clean environment and protect it. However, environmental pollution is a global issue and we all individually have a huge responsibility to keep our surroundings clean. Even the plastic water bottle that you throw away after drinking water contribute to creating a huge disaster and that is why we thought of sharing some ways to reuse plastic.

You might have seen so many people throwing away the plastic containers after using them, littering the buses and other public spaces with polythene and other non-degradable materials and when these products get piled up or eaten by animals, it causes a huge massacre. It does not only kill the lives of some innocent animals but also affects each and every species living on earth and that is why we must be very much conscious about everything that we use nowadays.

So, scroll down to see some ways that you can reuse the plastic water bottles and don’t forget to share if you have some new ideas to reuse plastic too!    

#1. Phone charger holder. (handmadeidea.com.ua)

A cool and DIY idea.

#2. A ‘lid’ for plastic bags. (aurbanistica.com)

Use plastic bottles to seal your plastic bags.

#3. Bottle bag. (cinderelasdecor.blogspot.com)

This would be a great way to keep small things in one place.

#4. Cell phone loudspeaker. (green-life.livejournal.com)

This would be an eco-friendly loudspeaker for your phone.

#5. Sponge holder. (MORENA DIY)

This double-bottomed sponge holder keeps the sponge dry and fresh. Any water left in the sponge will leak through the holes in the upper part and would take only a few minutes to make it.

#6. Finger guard. (MORENA DIY)

Follow these video instructions to make your own guard.

#7. Quick tea infuser. (ifuun.com)

This is the way to make your own infuser which would be much use when camping.

#8. Funny pencil holder. (w.svoimi-rukami-club.ru)

This would be a better way to organize your kid’s table and would take only a few minutes to make it

#9. Flowerpots. (householdme/fabartdiy)

Make your own flowerpot less than in 10 minutes. 

#10. Mini Greenhouse. (funnybottle.ru)

This will protect young plants from cold and insects and here is the way to make it.

#11. Garden Sprinkler. (golifehack.ru)

A plastic bottle will nicely help you in making your dream garden.

#12. Mudguard. (cnhufa.ru)

Reuse a plastic bottle and save your bicycle too! 

#13. Camera lens protection. (fooyoh.com)

Follow these instructions to make your own

#14. Faucet Extender. (zachashkoi.ru)

This would be another way to recycle bottles in a much creative way.

#15. Yolk separator. (wikilik.ru)

This is the way to do it.

#16. Shovel. (smekalo4ka.ru)

This will take only a minute to make this.

#17. Phone Cover. (complex.com)

This would be a good idea to take your phone while riding the bicycle.

#18. A boat. (heycraft.ru)

 Here are the instructions to make this.