14 Photographs of Celebrities Who Are the Same Age

By: Santo

Not everybody is alike. Though age is something common to us all, the way we appear while aging is not the same to all. Some may look younger than their actual age while some may look way too old than their real age.  However some look exactly their actual ages without any doubt. It’s amazing how our body changes with time but in a very unique manner. You may have encountered situations where you were asked whether you are a high school student when you are actually married and is a father or a mother of two or three children. Some people simply age better, some take better care of their bodies and skin, while others simply have a better plastic surgeon.

Have you seen celebrities of the same age appear different?  It can be hard to believe certain celebrity ages and the comparisons provide a welcome moment of laughter for those who are blissfully unaware. When you think about it, not all of us age gracefully. Or better said, not all of us ages the same way. Some of us may look younger than our actual age but some could pass as a few years older. Celebrities are no exception and it can be tough to guess how old they really are.

When we see photos of movies stars and musicians, it’s often difficult to guess which ones are of the same age. In many cases, it’s difficult to believe that some of them have been on this Earth for exactly the same number of years, but it’s nevertheless a fact. To get that a little bit closer to you, we decided to compare some of the most famous people in the world.

#1. Eminem and Dwayne Johnson looking like father and son. (1972)

#2. John Cho looks like a teenager while both he and Jean Dujardin born in the same year. (1972)

#3. The two legends. Sylvester Stallone and Tommy Lee Jones still maintaining looks at 72. (1946)

#4. Scott Cohen and Samy Naceri at 57. (1961)

#5. 79-year-old Chuck Norris and Michael Gambon. Chuck looking hot! (1940)

#6. Matt Damon and Simon Pegg — 49 years old. Simon looks way too older than his age. (1970)

#7. Eddie Murphy and Forest Whitaker — 58 years old. Dr. Doolittle still has his looks. (1961)

#8. Tobey Maguire and Kristian Nairn — 43 years old. Because Spiderman never gets old. (1975)

#9. Both Edward Norton and Gerard Butler looking handsome as teens in their late 40’s. (1969)

#10. 34-year-old Lana Del Rey and Keira Knightley looking gorgeous. (1985)

#11. Frédéric Diefenthal and Daniel Craig, 51 and still looking hot! (1968)

#12. Brad Pitt and Dean Norris at 56 and Bradd looking like a little boy. (

#13. Adrian Paul and Hugh Laurie are 60 years old. Can you say so looking at Adrian? (1959)

#14. Can’t tell Will Smith and Terry Crews are 50 years old. (1968)