10+ Illustrations Reveal What It’s Like to Be Fully In Love

By: Anuradha

“The best and the most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard but must be felt with the heart” – Helen Keller.

Being in love with the right person is one of the most wonderful feelings ever. Holding his hand and feeling that lovely gaze all over you can literally melt your heart and everything would feel like heaven when you are with him. But, finding the right person will not be an easy thing. You would face so many heartaches and breakups before finding the right one but finally, when you do, you would feel how lucky you are.

Amanda Oleander is a modern illustrator and a Periscope star who found her true love in 2015. Since that day she has been portraying her relationship in creative drawings. Behind the closed doors, many romantic things are happening and you all can surely relate to these portraits of her for sure!

So, scroll down to see the illustration and don’t forget to share your lovely thoughts with us!

Image credit & more info: amandaoleander

#1. Being couch potatoes together is one of the best parts of being fully in love with someone.

#2. I’ll be there for you.

#3. As the years pass by I feel my roots growing intertwined with yours. Sharing our lives and love has been one of the most beautiful things I have experienced so far.

#4. Never enough goodbye kisses.

#5. This is how I feel when I’m cuddling with my love. It’s like a magic force field surrounds us when we are close together. It feels as if nothing bad can happen because our love force field is in full effect.”

#6. Being apart feels like a lifetime, but feeling your embrace makes everything better.

#7. Finding your soulmate might take a while, but when you do, your whole world changes.

#8. Being fully in love with someone means lots of pizza nights in bed watching movies together.

#9. Of course, true love can’t exist without plenty of cuddles under fuzzy blankets wrapped around each other!

#10. Being fully in love also means giving and receiving piggyback rides as often as possible.

#11. Kissing your soulmate makes you feel like you’re melting (and in a good way).

#12. Being in love means taking off your mask and feeling comfortable being yourself with your beau.