Woman Set Up A Photo Booth For Birds In Her Yard, And The Results Are Extraordinary

By: Anuradha

When you are in love with nature, you will get thousands of beautiful things to beautify your life. You will be moved by the singing of a bird and color of a flower and when you are startled by the coldness of flowing wind, you will feel that you are enjoying your life. Here we have a collection of dazzling bird photos that you all would like to look at and would fall in love with.

The owner of these photographs is Lisa who goes by the name Ostdrossel on her social media and she is a person who has always been fascinated by birds. She transferred from Germany to Macomb country in Michigan and that is the place where she got to experienced the true beauty of her life with birds. She began to explore ways to get closer with birds and as a result, she has thousands of images capturing their funny expressions, beautiful colors and some rare species and to be honest, you would fall in love with this collection.

While feeding the birds from different kinds of foods, she set up a camera trap that helped her to observe birds from a close angle. She used a Bird Photo Booth 2.0 which consisted of a camera box, a macro lens, and an attachable feeder. When the birds came to eat, the tiny cameras equipped with a motion sensor photographed the birds in a non-intrusive way and the final result at the end of the day is just awesome.

Birds kept coming back to her garden and here we have some pictures from that wonderful collection you would like to look at.

Photo Credit & More info: ostdrossel.tumblr.com | Facebook | Instagram | twitter.com | Etsy

#1. When you are in love.

#2. Look at my teeth humans!

#3. Doves in love.

#4. Don’t judge me!

#5. Hey there!

#6. Ohhh nooo!

#7. Are you watching me?

#8. Huh, who are you?

#9. We have a question here.

#10. I know this is not too much.

#11. Let’s not care about them, hun.

#12. That moment when you finally toss a nut to your mouth!

#13. I know my hair looks perfect.

#14. Move away! I am about to land.

#15. I’m just trying to warm her.

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#18. Okay, let’s be angry then.

#19. The wise man.

#20. Hummingbird time!

#21. Eat before someone comes.

#22. Oh my God! So much food.

#23. The red beauty.

#24. When you finally get the vacation!

#25. The spring mood.

#26. Oh, hey.

#27. I am angry with her today.

#28. Noooooooo!

#29. I can’t fly!

#30. I am done eating!