This Sign Language Interpreter Left Audiences Amazed With Her Passionate Translation

By: Anuradha

We all think that music is something that can only be enjoyed by listening. Among all other genres, metal music is something which can specifically be felt by hearing and we associate this genre with an extensive passion. One of the last things that someone might associate with a metal concert is sign language.

 In sign language, we use only hand and facial signals and it is intended for those who are hearing impaired. Even though we see sign language is used in television shows, we don’t generally expect a sign language translator at a metal concert.  But, a recent metal concert was much discussed because of one lady who interprets the music for that who can’t hear and that was something really unique and cool!

This happened in an area known as the ‘mosh pit’ where the crowd was full of energy and moved around with a lot of body contact in front of the stage. There are several hearing-impaired metal fans that go to these concerts to feel the overall energy as music is not the only aspect that can be enjoyed in a metal concert.

In the above-mentioned concert, there were three translators who were on-rotation that night during Lamb of God’s six-hour set. Among the three translators, one lady who is called as Lindsay passionately interpreted the music and the crowd seemed to enjoy her performance very much.

Ibarra, the man who filmed translation was standing next to a group of deaf people during the concert and he witnessed how these people enjoyed the music with Lindsay’s performance. Ibarra admitted to having seen translators at other concerts but none as passionate as Lindsay. He said that the experience was quite emotional for him.

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 was passed in order to ensure that deaf concert-goers are always provided with an interpreter.  All concert venue translators are required to have translators onsite for the hearing-impaired. These translators always try not to provide the interpretation of the lyrics but to capture the true essence of music and we feel that Lindsay did her job miraculously well in this regard!