This Is The Person She Became After You Broke Her Heart

By: Anuradha

You came into her life like a sweet gift and she welcomed you with open arms. You were her whole life and she gave her mind, soul, body and everything to you dreaming for a nice future with you. But, you tore that heart to parts and throw away all what she offered to you.

She only wanted only to be loved and respected. She didn’t ask too much from you right? She had a great respect for you. She admires you and perhaps she might not have been what you want her to be. But, she had a big heart filled with love and admiration. She neglected her dreams, her needs and wishes just to please you. You were all what she had and she did everything to make you feel good.

But, what did you do? You completely destroyed her confidence and her-self. You changed her into someone different and removed everything that she had been enjoying in her life. You shattered her into pieces laughing at the follies she did and most of the nights, she would sleep in tears waiting for some miracle to happen and save her from the misery she underwent.

The sad thing is that she never did anything to deserve your cruel treatments. She was the sort of person it was easy to be with and her easy going nature along with her crazy works always made others appreciate her for who she is. But, in your eyes she was just a useless fancy creature and may be you didn’t even try to understand her worth as you were busy in finding her faults.  

Yeah, it is true that she should have been stronger and stood up for herself. She should have been more confident without letting her ‘awesome’ boy to destroy her and abuse her senses. But, it was not easy for her.

Deep down she knew her relationship is not what she wanted in life. She felt that there is something wrong between you and her but she just did not have the guts to walk away. There were so many nights that she cried silently to her pillow wondering what to do, she needed to move away but there was something holding her back. She felt into the toxic trap and let you have the control over her mind. So, you destroyed her in all the ways that you wanted.

But after you broke her, she changed. She turned into be a different person. After you broke her,

She guards her heart.

You are the one who broke her into tiny pieces and now when someone tries to be closer to her it reminds her of the pain she underwent and therefore, she guards her heart. There are scars within her that gives her nightmares and she is afraid to face the same destiny again. Therefore, she guards her heart now.

She does not trust anyone.

She thought you to be perfect. When she first met you she thought you are the one she always wanted to have in life. But, you turned out to be someone totally different. A wolf in a lamb’s clothing. Now she doesn’t trust anyone. She thinks too much before letting anyone to enter into her life.

She knows how to fake her feelings.

Before you came into her life, she was so honest and open. She laughed out loudly and when something hurt her, she was not afraid to cry. But, now she has changed. She showed her real self to you and was criticized and laughed out for being fancy and silly. You told her she is of shallow mind and you can’t talk anything serious with her. Because of that she started to feel ashamed of her own thoughts and feelings. So now, she doesn’t let anyone to know what she feels and what is going through inside her.

Now she will put on a smile, even when she is crying inside.

She says she is fine, even when everything goes wrong and hides what is inside her heart from whole the world. She is not her anymore. She has changed into someone different after you broke her.