This Is How You Can Grow an Avocado Tree in a Small Pot at Home

By: Anuradha

‘Avocado trend’ is not something bizarre anymore and unless you have been in a coma for past few years, you would realize how much people are addicted to using avocados for every drink and every meal that they use. Avocado is this much celebrated not only because of its taste but also because of its nutritional properties. Avocado contains potassium, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E and high fiber content.

But something that we all have to pay attention to the on-going prices of the fruit. In last years the average price of avocado has gone up by 25% because of the high demand and in this condition growing an avocado tree has become a must. It will save you hundreds of dollars that you would otherwise have to spend on medicines.

So wear your gardening gloves and get ready to do some gardening. You will feel truly wonderful when you become able to eat avocados fresh from your own gardens!

This is the way to grow an avocado tree from seed.


Carefully clean the avocado seed and ensure you know which end is top and which is the bottom. Stick four toothpicks into the seed at equal distances apart about halfway down. Now take a glass of water and place your seed in it, the toothpicks should keep it soaking in an inch of water.

You have to keep the seed out of direct sunlight but in a warm place until the stem has grown to six inches and the roots are visible. This growth should take between two to six weeks, at which point the stem should be cut back to three inches. Be patient till more leaves grow and for the stem to reach six inches again before planting.


Get a large plant pot approximately ten inches in diameter, with a small hole in the bottom for drainage. Now fill the pot with nutrient-rich soil, leaving a small hole in the top of the compost for your seed to go in. Place the seed in the hole ensuring that it isn’t too deep and that half of the seed is exposed above the soil.


Once the avocado tree is planted, move it into a sunny area of your home. Water the tree regularly and ensure that the water remains moist but not saturated.

If you don’t provide enough water then the leaves would turn to be brown and dry. You need to put the pot in your sink, turn the tap on and allow the water to run through the soil for a few moments in order to solve this problem. Here be cautious as to drain excess water before taking the plant out of the silk.

If you over-water then the leaves will start to turn yellow and droop. If this is the case, then stop watering the plant for a few days and lower the amount of water you give in future.


Now be patient for a couple of years. It will take some time to bear flowers but once it does, you will be able to enjoy freshly plucked avocados!