Things Happen to Your Body When You Give Up On Alcohol

By: Anuradha

All of us are in the habit of drinking for many reasons. Some drink alcohol for pleasure, some to wash away the fatigue of the daily works, some have drinks just for fun and you can actually think of many reasons which make people have alcohol in their lives. However, something that all alcohol consumers are aware of is that it is not good for health at all. You need not have a master degree to know its ill effects although it is okay to have a glass of wine here and there.

A recent study found that the average income earner who is not addicted to alcohol consumes around 9.5 liters of alcohol every year. This change for the people who drink alcohol occasionally. However, if you are someone who belongs to this average group, then what would happen if you stop drinking for 28 days? 

Some volunteers decided to give up drinking for one month and document their changes. So, here is what happened:

#Week one.

– Increased appetite and sugar cravings.

Perhaps you would have noticed that after consuming alcohol you tend to eat more. When you give up drinking you will eat less and sometimes, you might crave sugar as, without sugary drinks, you will experience a dip in blood sugar levels. You might even experience a headache if you were in the habit of consuming alcohol before sleep. Sleep quality may be low but always keep in your mind that you need to stay strong if you really need to have good results!

#Week two.

Better sleep and overall health.

By week two, things would start to go better. Most people claimed that their sleep improved and they also noticed a decrease in dark circles as well as facial swelling which gave them healthier and more youthful appearance.

Some other changes include:

The urinary system starts to function properly.

Alcohol decreases saliva production and when you stop drinking you would notice an improvement in your tooth enamel which in turn lower the risk of having cavities.

Improvement in the ability to taste and smell things.

#Week three.

Your liver thanks you.

Depending on how much alcohol you consumed, your liver will start to recover by week three.

Better skin, fewer wrinkles.

With time blood circulation will improve and as a result, you would notice a change in your skin color and fine lines would disappear. 

Better digestion.

Digestion would also improve as gastric acid get decreased with no alcohol consumption.

#Week four.

Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases.

 An average person would lose around 6-8 pounds at the end of the fourth week and the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases also goes down.

Improved confidence and mental state.

By this time, you would notice an improvement in your overall confidence. The brain will function more properly and you would feel lighter in the heart.

The before and after picture is given below will explain to you more about how alcohol really affects your body!

Image Credit: Ateepeemadeofpeepee / reddit

According to,

“A month off is the perfect way to reset your relationship with alcohol. It only takes three weeks to break a habit, so this could be your route to happier, healthier drinking long-term,”  

According to 2018 research by the Royal Free Hospital published in the British Medical Journal, there are a lot of benefits when you quit drinking for a month, including:

Lower blood pressure

Reduced risk of developing diabetes

Lower cholesterol

Reduction in levels of certain blood proteins associated with cancer

Spend less money – 88% of participants who gave up alcohol for one month saved money

Sleep better – 77% of participants reported better sleep

Lose weight – 58% reported weight loss

So, think twice before taking a shot again!

Preview photo credit: Ateepeemadeofpeepee / reddit
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