The Beauty Of The Microscopic World Around Us!

By: Anuradha

The world around us is really beautiful. We wake up with blooming flowers and we sleep with twinkling stars. But, there is a certain limit for our visibility and we are not privileged with a sight that allows us to see far away galaxies or tiny particles. Those things that we cannot see are also much beautiful and that is why we thought of presenting these wonderful footages to you.

This year’s Nikon Small World Motion Photomicrography Competition has given fascinating glimpses into the world of extreme tiny. There is a whole universe that only microscopes can explore and the beauty of that world cannot be seen with our naked eyes. In a flash of a light, thousands of things are moving and creating a lot of effects and in a blink of our eye, thousands of things happen without your knowledge. Thus, the wonderful footages presented to the competition was much admired and discussed by everyone and that is why we thought of presenting these wonderful videos to you.

The first place of the competition was given to a footage that shows how a baby zebra fish’s nervous system developed and it was filmed over 26 hours. The second place was given to the electrifying greens which were actually a laser beam shooting through soap bubbles. The way how laser beams refracts into a dazzling display of light was amazing and it’s truly bad that we cannot see these miraculous phenomena with our naked eye. Further, there was also footage of an expectant Daphnia water flea who carried twins in her womb.

The microscopic world around us is really amazing and when you watch the video you will see how beautiful are the things that we never give a thought. For instance, you will see how a bit of soy sauce is getting dried up and all the patterns that it creates with mesmerizing colors are just breath-taking.

So, watch the video and see this beautiful microscopic world us!

(H/T Science Insider)