Staying At Home With Kids Is Harder Than Going To Work!

By: Anuradha

If you are someone who is working, you would probably think how great it is to stay at home and be with your kids. You will think it is such a privilege to stay at home and enjoy your time and you might even envy those people who spend their time at home.

However, a recent survey showed that many mothers believe that staying at home with kids is much harder than going to work and this was really true for new parents. Those couples who newly become parents were particularly asserting this idea and a nationwide survey also brought out the same fact.

According to the survey, 31% of parents agreed that staying at home was harder than working and another 55% of parents believed that having a baby is also hard work. Another 20% said it’s really difficult and some of the new mothers said they can hardly look after their kids without their own mother’s support. Only a quarter of mothers said they are okay with looking after their babies and that was only a little fraction.

Baby wipes are vital for new parents

The survey was conducted by AVEENO Baby and they could find out that less than half of parents thought that having a family was a perfect experience. 41% thought baby wipes are extremely important and not to be underestimated.

Being a parent is such a fresh experience. You have to consider all the decisions that you make when you are a mom or a dad and your life with a little kid can be really challenging. Kids must always be looked after and taken care of and even a little fall can bring you a lot of troubles. They are very fragile and eager to experience new things and that is why it is important to be extra vigilant when you have a kid at home.

Love makes it all worthwhile

Even though having a baby is a hard job, it’s totally worth the fatigue. 42% of respondents of the survey said that it was the first time they experienced unconditional love. You will feel all your sleepless nights and hard work is paid off when you see a nice smile on your kid’s face and that would be the most beautiful moment of your life.