She Can Be Strong Yet She Is Fighting With Anxiety Deep Within!

By: Anuradha

She always shows her strong side and you will never see her crying. Even though she battles with anxiety, no one ever will see that side as she is not a victim of her mental struggle.  She has been struggling with anxiety over a long time and she will continue to do so with bravery.

She has survived through many struggles in life so that the word ‘weakness’ is no longer in her vocabulary. She is strong now because she has went through hard and tough periods that has taught her how to held her head high in rough times. She knows how to control her anxiety as she has tried several coping mechanisms in history.

After all the things, she knows that she should never give up. She knows that the world is much deeper than what she actually knows and therefore, she will not let little sorrows to overcome herself. She has much to give and take from the world and all she wants is to be able to be herself back.

Well, it’s true that sometimes she will act mad. But, that is because she may also have temporary lapses. But, for most parts, she will be able to hold it, fight back and quickly get into her old self. What she only needs is time.

It will be really a tough thing for her to fight with anxiety. It will slowly torture her, yet she will be strong enough to withstand everything. She always reminds herself that every pain is temporary and she will somehow find a mean to stand strong and face everything. She finds light even in the pitch dark place and that is why she is unique and special.

There will hardly be anyone like her who is that strong, intelligent and brave. When anxiety reaches its climax and she feels like giving up, there will be a little voice within her that urges her to hold on and fight back. She will push herself and will always keep in her mind that she is important and special.

She is her own hero and her goal in life is to never give up.  She knows that she is much more than her anxiety and therefore, she will always strive hard to create the best picture of her.

She knows that she is too much special to give up. So, she will do her best to conquer anxiety and will stand for herself every single day.