Reasons Why The Strongest Women Get Hurt The Most

By: Anuradha

We all think about strong women to be super creatures who never get hurt by little things in life. They always act out as if nothing can ever hurt them or shake them and therefore, we look at them with awe. But the truth is that no matter what they display to the world, they actually suffer a lot from many things that happened around them and their anxiety increases by the fact that they cannot cry and wail in the same way as their comrades would do.

Look up to – we always take strong women to be our role models. Even if you are a male, sometimes you might have been fascinated with the way how your mother handle everything and therefore, most of the times we rely on strong women to feel secure with.

Not impenetrable – we all think them to be impenetrable to pain and sufferings. But the truth is that they are not and in fact, they get hurt more than many of us ordinary people.

They are always there for you – strong women are the type that we can always count on, no matter what the situations is. They will always be there for us and never ask for anything in return.

They have to be strong for others – even when they feel like braking down, they have to be strong and stand up for others and society really didn’t expect them to be gentle and break down. This is the reason why most of them have put up a protective front to many things.

They are authentic. – they always try to be genuine and real because they have made up of truth and trust. They are confident about the fact that everyone believes them and therefore, they always try their best to be who they really are.

They are focused on what’s happening around them –  they always focus on the present and not the past or the future.

They do not apologize for themselves. – they will surely apologize for the mistakes they did but not for who they are in person. They value their personality and will never apologize for that.

They understand their feelings. – though they behave as if they are made out of stones, they are really good in understanding others as well as their own feelings. They understand who they are and accept it.

They have high standards. – they treat others in the same way that they need themselves to be treated but their standards may be considered a bit too high because they are frequently let down by others.     

They refuse to give up. – they are termed as strong because they refuse to give up. They refuse to give up because they are fighters and they fight for what they deserve.

They are unafraid of failures. – they are not afraid to fall down because they know that it is the failures that teach them lessons and therefore, they are the type that generally welcome failures.

They know their worth. – they are well aware of their worth and therefore, it is not easy to take advantage of them. They can identify when people are trying to use them and they will surely walk away from those abusers even if it hurt their hearts.

They are unafraid of heartbreaks. – they have become strong because they have been through many and therefore, they are not afraid of those at all.

They know they don’t need a relationship – they are not craving after things like relationships because they know that relationships are not compulsory to be perfect.

They often take the fall – strong women ae always expected to take the charge of many things around them and if these things go wrong, they are accused for the failure too.