Put this Bug-Repelling Mason Jar Outside and Say Goodbye to Mosquitoes All Summer

By: Anuradha

Nothing can ruin a pleasant outdoor evening other than mosquitoes and their continuous shriek. You might have tried lot of things to get rid of them but I’m sure nothing would be effective like this method that I’m going to tell you now.

This mosquito repellent jar is made out of 100% natural ingredients and you need not to worry about harmful health effects for sure. It will surely drive away the mosquitoes and let you have a peaceful outdoor evening.

Many experts have already recommended the ingredients used in the jar to be active insect repellent and you can clarify the truth by trying this out!

This is all what you need!
  • 6 slices of lemon.
  • 5 slices of lime.
  • A pair of rosemary twigs.
  • Water
  • Eucalyptus oil infused with lemon (7-10 drops)
  • 1 floating candle.

Don’t worry about Eucalyptus oil. It is not a rare thing and you can find it easily in pharmacies, health stores or order online.

All what you have to do is arranging the content mentioned above as depicted in the pictures and you will have not just a pleasant evening with zero mosquitoes but also a pleasant aroma to soothe your senses.

Just make a jar like this and keep it five minutes before you go out and I’m sure you will walk into a mosquito free zone!