Photographer Captured A Rare Moment Of A Grizzly And Wolf Encounter

By. Anuradha

Nature is quite a fascinating thing. If you are a nature lover, you would never get enough of it as there are endless things to see and observe. Along with natural sight-seeing, nature photography has also become a hobby among many. There are famous photography locations and Yellowstone National Park is one such location where many photographers are attracted to.

Yellowstone Park recently came into the topic when the news of a Grizzly bear feasting on a huge bull elk on the river bank, was spread among the people. Many photographers came to the location to capture this rare sight and Seth Royal Kroft was also one among them who was interested in capturing this moment.

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So on one fine day, he woke up as early as 2.00 am and started his journey to come to the riverbank, and luckily with the daybreak, he came to the spot where he saw the ‘dark ball’ lying across the river. Seth began to take pictures leisurely and adding to this bliss, a large grey wolf also came out of the forest maybe due to the smell of the decaying animal.

Seth has always been fascinated with the looks of nature and has captured several breathtaking views. However, this was his first encounter with a grey wolf. Speaking to us he said that, “It was very exciting. I have encountered black bears while camping several times over the years, but they are relatively harmless in most situations. I’ve only come across grizzly bears a few times and only in Yellowstone park. All that to say I will still generally carry bear spray on my person when hiking in potential bear country.”

Seth also mentioned that the Grizzly was not moved at all by the sight of this intruder. “As large as it was, the grizzly knew a single wolf wasn’t any kind of threat. The wolf seemed to have a mischievous, playful demeanour. As if it was a game. It would slowly get as close as it could to the elk carcass, achieving a distance of mere inches from it before the bear would stir slightly and sent the wolf quickly retreating.”

Usually, bears and wolves co-exist but depending on the animal’s age, sex, hunger, aggressiveness, and reproductive status, this hypothesis can change. However, during this encounter, the wolf slowly went back into the forest without creating any scene!

There is no doubt that this incident was once in a lifetime opportunity for Seth.