People Who Cry During Movies Are The Strongest People Of All

By: Anuradha

There are so many people who cry during movies when reading books, listening to music and when they do so, they often try to hide their face from others because others believe that crying over fictional thing is just insane and it is not worthy to cry for those things at all. But these people who cry over these fictional things are really unique and special because they have something that others don’t have and it is ‘empathy’.

Being an empath is something is unique because lots of people are sociopaths or narcissists and they live their entire life without worrying even a bit about other people. They don’t inherit this quality and therefore they don’t feel other people.

In fact, you need a lot of strength and energy to think about other people and when you have that energy to put yourself in someone else’s shoe and worry, it really tells something about you.

It says that you are strong enough to withstand that pain and also feel it and you are strong enough to be strong for others. You are strong enough to reflect on their peculiarities and you are able to feel what they are feeling.

It is not really a bad thing to care for another person. Sometimes, that person can be a fictional character and those things will not really happen. But you are worrying over them because you have a heart and that heart can break itself for others. You will be wounded but at the end of the movie, you will patch it back and you will wipe your tears.

Being able to recover soon also says something else about these people who cry during movies. They can bounce back like no one else’s business and they are actually smart enough to separate reality from fiction.

Another reason why people cry during movies is that they see themselves within those characters. Especially, when you see characters undergoing the same issues that had happened in your life, you will recollect about your own sorrows and then you will cry for those memories. It allows you to let some of your bottled up feeling loose in a healthier way.

Sometimes, you might even cry when you are overwhelmed with the artistic genius of a film. This is called Stendhal Syndrome and it means that work of art moved you to the point that you are having both physical and emotional symptoms.    

So for those people who are really susceptible to the way that art moves them, watching a good movie can be a test of your ability to keep a straight face. This can also be a rollercoaster ride that forces you to face and embrace emotions that others choose not to look at

So, empathy is one of the most important kinds of emotional strength and it allows you to explore your own feelings and emotions.