Orphaned Puppies Befriend And Find Comfort In Tortoise Grandpa

By. Anuradha

True love does not have any limits or boundaries. All that matters in love is how well you can understand each other, enjoy each others company and love without any conditions or commands. So, when this tortoise grandfather saw these little pups, it didn’t bother him that they were not like him and that they belong to a different species. All that he could understand was that these pups needed love and that his heart was filled with more than enough love to share with them.

These pups were first found by a man in California. Someone had left them on his property and when he looked at their innocent faces, he could not bear to chase them away. So, for a while, he was looking for the pup’s mom and as no one came looking for them, the man decided to hand them over to a local shelter.

This was the place where these little pups met Andrea, who volunteered at the shelter. As they were still small to let out for adoption, Andrea decided to take them to her place. Andrea already had a tortoise named Goliath with her and they two were best friends. So, Andrea was not sure at first about how Goliath would react to these pups but knowing that Goliath was naturally kind and tender-hearted, she knew that he might also end up loving the pups.

As Andrea thought, Goliath immediately fell in love with these little puppies and one day to her astonishment, she noticed that the pups were missing, only to find them under Goliath’s giant private hutch.

Even though the pups were not able to enjoy the warmth and love of their parents, they finally met someone who loves them and protects them in the same way their parents would have. Goliath and the little pups show that all the differences in love don’t matter at all as long as you genuinely care for one another and we hope that even when these pups grow up, that they will love and look after Goliath in the same way that he is doing now.