Nurse Explains What Smoking Every Day Does To Your Lungs

By: Anuradha

Even though most of us are educated about the fact that smoking is not good for our health, still there are many who are in the habit of smoking daily. According to the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention), 38 million Americans are addicted to smoking. It causes several complicated health issues and therefore, if you know someone who smokes or if you are a smoker read on to see how smoking can ruin the peace of your life.

Here is what smoking every day really does to your lungs:

According to NHS (National Health Service), smoking every day create the following risks to your lungs and respiratory health:

  • It lowers your immune system making you more vulnerable to coughs and colds. It can also lead you to more severe and fatal diseases such as emphysema, pneumonia and lung cancer. Smoking also causes 84% of deaths from lung cancer and 83% of deaths from the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. (COPD)
  • Smoking also narrows airways and destroys lung tissues making it difficult for you to breathe normally. So, these people who are with COPD will often find themselves short of breath particularly during physical activities. They can have frequent chest infections and coughs with phlegm.
  • These people are also vulnerable to mouth/ throat cancer. More than 93% of cancers in the throat are caused by smoking.

So, if you are someone who smokes daily, then surely you will have breathing issues as inflammations can build up in your lungs. Your lungs have very tiny air sacs or alveoli which help with oxygen exchange. But as they do not grow back, when you do some harm to your lungs, it will be a permanent threat to your body.

Moreover, perhaps you might have noticed that smokers tend to get more colds and infections than a normal person. That is because smoking paralyzes and kills cilia, the tiny hairs in your airways. These hairs are the parts which clean out mucus and dirt from your lungs so as to keep them healthy and debris-free. So, when you don’t have these hairs inside your lungs, you are likely to get infections because there is nothing to filter out contaminants.

Even if you don’t get any lung complications, you are more likely to die earlier than non- smokers. According to a study in BMJ journal, men and women in Norway who smoked 1-4 cigarettes per day had a higher risk of dying from ischaemic heart disease and other causes. Women had a higher risk of dying from lung cancer.

Here are two brilliant videos are done by a nurse from North Carolina, Amanda Eller who shows what a smokers’ and non-smokers’ lungs look like after 20 years. You can clearly see how a smokers’ lungs have turned black and look weird whereas the lungs of a healthy person look all pink. When smoker’s lung does not expand when the air is pumped in, a healthy person’s lungs naturally is getting expanded.

So, watch the video below and please try to understand how harmful it is to smoke daily. Each time you smoke a cigarette, you inhale over 5,000 different chemicals which are not something good at all. So, please think more than twice before smoking because it kills not only you but also your loved ones!

Amanda Eller’s Original Facebook Post