Nature Of The Yellowstone National Park Has Been Changed With The Arrival Of The Wolves

By: Anuradha

Yellowstone National Park which is situated in the United States was the home of wolves till 1926 and with the removal of them, the place became the home of mostly deer. They began growing rapidly as there was nothing to control their growth and because of their food habits, the place soon began to look more like a grass field. But the reintroduction of wolves in 1995, things began to change in a wonderful way and the impact caused by wolves was amazing.

With their arrival, deer avoided certain places which was a threat to them and as a result, plants, and trees began to grow in there. Gradually, little animals began to explore the park and within a short time period of around 6 years, new trees and plants also began to grow making it the home of many species. The national park soon became the destination of many native and migrating animal species and the most specific thing was the effect caused by wolves to the rivers.

All these things happened after the arrival of the wolves and though we only think wolves to be predators who kill innocent species, they can actually cause more than we think. So, watch the video below and look at the wonderful transformation caused by wolves in nature. You will be so amazed and perhaps will make your next trip to visit this wonderful park!