Lioness Sits On Mate To Get His Attention But He Ignores Her

By: Anuradha

If you have a girlfriend then you will surely know how much attention that she needs and the things that she does to keep your attention all to herself. She will do all the crazy, nasty stuff on the world just to make you laugh or to grab a kiss and if you are in a good mood, then you will surely enjoy all her fancies. But, when you also had a bad day and not in a mood to tolerate all of them, you will simply ignore her or be a bit rude to her.

But, this is not something that is common only to the human world, a reason incident was reported in the lion’s world, where a lioness was trying her best to get her mate’s attention and she even sat on him in order to make him at least look at her. But, the proud lion did not care even a bit about all these things and it was really funny the way that she tried to win his attention.

She first circled around him and then picking on the lion’s game, she threw herself to the ground in front of him. Her next attempt was bringing out her big bucks by climbing over the lion and digging her feet into his mid-section.

The lion was so passive to all these over-romantic gestures and he just lay there as if nothing untoward is happening around him.

The lioness was also moved by this much of inactivity and she gave her final attempt by rolling over the ground in front of him. This actually moved him but not to adore her but to move out of this site and go for a place that he wouldn’t see her and thus, concluded the sad attempts of the lioness.

This little incident between them was quite beautiful and it may remind you of your own experiences. So, watch the video below and see the beauty of our nature and the mystery of the lion’s repulsion of the lady!