Depressed Rescue Dog Had No One To Play With – Becomes Best Friends With A Rat

By. Mahesh

Osiris and Riff Rat are an uncommonly trusting couple; the Dutch shepherd therapy dog lets the 3-month-old rat crawl into his mouth and cleans his teeth — Dutch shepherds are noted for their loyalty and trainability. Riff Rat was rescued at the age of 4 weeks and nursed back to health with a syringe.

Image Credit & More Info: osirisandfriends / Instagram

#1. This weird but loving bond began once the owners of Osiris saved Riff Rat, 4 weeks old. He was so tiny that he still did not open his eyes and had to be fed with the assistance of a syringe.

#2. The rat likes licking the inside of the dog’s mouth. I’m sure you all wonder if Osiris is planning on eating Riff – NOPE! Osiris is scared! He is the sweetest dog I’ve ever met,” says his owner at the @osirisandriff Instagram. He has helped to foster and care for several dozens of animals.

#3. Osiris was a rescue himself who was abandoned when he was merely a pup in a parking lot. These new owners made him their foster fail.

#4. Therefore, it would be reasonable for him to take a fellow rescuer as well. After all, Osiris has been trained as a Therapy dog, so he’s got a patient and helped his owners look after various creatures.

#5. At first, their owners were a little apprehensive to introduce the pair to one another for obvious reasons, but all anxieties were overcome as they realized how well the two got along.

#6. In fact, the owners say that Osiris even lets the rat clean his teeth.

Here’s an adorable video of them.

#7. “They don’t want to just hang around and spend time together, but they don’t fear each other’s affections. It is rather inseparable! The bond of this duo is unlimited.”

#8. Just look at those two lovely pals who are having a great time with each other. You do not fear showing just how much you adore one another.

#9. “Seeing them caring for each other and having such an unexpected friendship gives me a little hope for the rest of human beings on our planet.”

#10. This is the spot, oh yeah. Osiris, right there.” Osiris certainly does not care about giving these lovely tiny baths to Riff rat either. How else could you explain, he must prefer to keep his best pal clean?

#11. Even though these two chose to become pals, the owners warn the viewers of their content not to adopt a rat to be friends with your dog. Because the chances are the dog would probably eat the rat and not all dogs are like Osiris.

#12. In addition to that, the owners of Osiris know what they are doing as they are licensed animal rehabbers and experienced animal foster parents with a lot of experience.