A Woman Will Leave You Even When She Loves You A Lot – This Is What Every Man Needs To Know

By: Anuradha

A woman will leave the man she loves. That is not because she is tired of him and need a change, but because she loves him too much so that she get affected by his behavior. He can change with time and he won’t be the same person every day and when she reaches a level where she cannot bear up all his bullshit, she would decide to leave even when it tears her down into parts, even when it breaks her into little pieces. 

They leave not to find her happiness in another man. She leaves when he is not present. He might be busy at work, with friends, watching movies or gaming and I don’t really say all these men are bad. It is just that they don’t present in the moment where his wife/ girl needs him and they just take her for granted. That is the mistake that they do.

Some men might be angry with what I say now. But, this is really the truth. Your woman isn’t your property and you don’t have any right to hurt her feelings and use her. She is also a separate individual like you and she will take the decision to leave when she feels like she is ignored and not valued.

You should win her over day by day and you can do this by being present. She needs to feel that you are there for her. She wants to feel appreciated and she needs to feel that she is loved.

She doesn’t want to have quick emotionless sex. She needs to feel your passion. Your passion for life makes her alive. One of the best ways for you to keep her attracted is by showing your energy and aliveness. It will give her hopes for a happy future and make her bond strong.

A man must never ignore what her woman has to say. He should listen to her. He should care what is happening with her life and when she feels you will always be there in all the times when she needs you, she will be much relieved.   

She wants him to be curious about her. She likes when he questions what happened that day, whom did she meet and simply when he asks each and everything.  So, try to be with her. Hold her hand affectionately and feel the sensation within you. Think how much she means to you and how lucky you are to have her. Be mindful.

She will leave you only when you can’t spend at least a 15 minutes a day to make her smile. Be the man she wanted to have. Life would be much beautiful then.