9 Outstanding Traits Of an Outgoing Introvert

By: Anuradha

We can define people base on the characteristics that they show. If someone is reserved and not open up easily, we call them as introverts. On the other hand, if a person is so friendly and make friends fast, we call that one to be extrovert.

Something that we do not notice in this categorization is the people who do not belong to either of these categories and who hold a middle position. We call these people who fall in between these two categories as outgoing extroverts. 

Allen, an outgoing extrovert describe their character as “People believe you are an extrovert, but you don’t feel like one. Outgoing introverts are usually mistaken to be extroverts. On the outside, an extrovert and an outgoing introvert behave in a likewise way.”

So, now let’s see some other important facts about them.

Outgoing introverts:

  • Need to go out but they need a good psychological support to get prepared for that.
  • Are unique, artistic and mysterious people, full of depth, passion and love.
  • They will not text back a person but may sit with a friend for hours and listen to that one.
  • They find some people to be interesting but most of them tires them.
  • They love to experience new things but also like calm and peace.
These are the most common traits of an outgoing introvert:

1. Don’t like empty talks.

They know it’s raining outside and they don’t really bother to talk about that obvious thing. but, that doesn’t mean they are so proud and big headed. They will listen to all those friends who are in the need and will help their best to recover their emotions. These outgoing introverts are more interested in people’s secrets, their tender points and they like to talk only those important things.

2. Live in their world.

Some common introvert characteristic of these people is that they live in their own little worlds. They have this little voice inside their heads and they analyse all the conversations they had with people and all the other details within their heads.

3. Need some time on their own.

After a long tired day, what they least want is to talk with someone. they do not like to talk even with their partners and they basically like to have their own time in an enclosed space to be relaxed.

4. The background is important.

Background has a great influence on these people. If they happened to be surrounded by a place where everyone looks gloomy and dull, they will also get a dull mood soon and they need a really happy environment to feel the pulse and to work actively.

5. Details are important for them.

It is not easy to make friendships with these people, because they pay attention to all the details. When they communicate with people, they need to know all and everything about them. They need to know what makes them happy and what make them sad in order to have a clear idea about the person that they are involved with.

6. Other people’s comfort is important.

They appear to be chatty and friendly because they don’t like to make anyone feel neglected and alone. They are really kind and they think too much about other people’s comfort so that sometimes they might hide their own displeasures to please someone else.

7. Don’t like shallow relationships.

They don’t make friendships just for the sake of having friends. They value a true companionship from the person they associate and therefore, when they feel that the other one is not giving their fullest spirit, they will simply withdraw.

8. Handling too many people is difficult.

These people are not good in handing lot of people because when they meet people, they naturally pay attention to all the details related to them and handling a whole bunch of people often tires them. They need more time to make new friends.

9. It’s hard for them to find the right partner.

They expect lot of thing form their partner. They can be quite friendly, lovely and glamorous one day and on the other they will act as a total stranger. So, they need partners who understand their true quality and love them for who they are. So, they can have a hard time in finding the right person for them.