7 Ways You Can Attract Positive Karma In Your Life

By: Anuradha

Karma can simply be described as the consequences of your actions and thoughts. The phrase ‘you reap what you saw’ finely describe the role of karma.

It is generally the energy that we are sending to the universe and coming back to us. Almost, all our actions and thoughts are having consequences and therefore, it is always better to be mindful of the intentions behind our actions in order to avoid negative karma.

Here are a few things that we can do to have good karma for our lives.

1. Focus on life goals.

When you are focused on life goals, you will hardly be distracted by negative feelings and the more you are focused, the more you are likely to succeed.

You will come across with failures and challenges on your way, but those things only help you to focus more on the things that you want in life and if you can consider all the challenges as blessings for your life, then, of course, you can win the things that you want in life.

2. Connecting to the world within and around you.

When you are more connected to the world around you, you will be constantly aware of the present moment that you breathe. When someone lives with past memories or future plans, it will only result in a wastage of time and by focusing on the moment that you live at the moment, you can reach out for goals in a more confident way.

It also helps to attract good karma to come into your world.

3. Taking responsibility for your commitments.

Taking responsibility for your actions is one good way to attract good karma. When you take responsibility for the mistakes you do as well as for the good things that you do, it automatically gives you authority over the actions you do. You will automatically direct yourself to do only the right things and therefore, you will attract positive karma to your life.

4. Learning to laugh at you.

When you can easily laugh over the mistakes that you do, you can take the criticisms of others and it makes your life easier. You will not feel bad when others show your mistakes and failures and most importantly, you will learn to accept your failures and see the humorous side out of that. It will surely lighten up your journey in a positive way.

5. Being patient with yourself and the world.

It is not easy to become patient and tolerable with the people around us. You will constantly feel how irksome is the way they behave. Yet, if you can tolerate everything around you, of course, life would be beautiful for you then. You will learn to tolerate not only the people, but also you will learn to be patient with your success.

6. Practicing small acts of kindness.

It is said, “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”.

When you are kind to everyone around you, you will see that your actions are reciprocated. Everyone else will also love you and be kind to you and therefore, you will enjoy the life in a beautiful way.

7. Being comfortable and open to change.

Changes are not comfortable to many of us. We always feel a sense of fear when challenges are on our way and unknown always make us feel afraid. When you embrace changes it opens new avenues for you and you will learn to aim for bigger things.

So, try to incorporate these practices into your life and you will see the miracle.